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America Entertains - The Brand that Says "The Best of America"

How can you create a brand that showcases tourism, hospitality and the spectrum of entertainment around the world? Alan Simpson, President of Communication Links, Inc. believes he has the answer with America Entertains, the new marketing brand. Take for instance "America Entertains"

“You may love America, you may hate America, yet over 2,000,000,000 people tune in and watch the Oscars, dream of being on the Red Carpet, and talk about what the celebrities were wearing for days. Nothing creates such a buzz of adoration, and stirs so many dreams.” explains Alan Simpson. “America Entertains can be seen to be working in every corner of the world, it already speaks of success without needing to visit the USA. It builds on existing strengths to make potential visitors want to see for themselves, and share in the success. Today everyone wants to be entertained not just visit.”

America offers the best of entertainment anywhere in the world. From New York's Broadway, to Las Vegas's Strip, to Hollywood and the Movies. But there are entertainment gems all around America, from themed restaurants and attractions in Orlando, to Country Stars in Nashville, Branson and across the South, to local entertainment in every town and destination.

There are cruises to take you to exotic Islands in the Caribbean, romantic rail journeys that you will remember for years. Accommodation can be in a spectacular world class hotel, or at a family Bed and Breakfast in a remote town.

For sports enthusiasts America offers exciting entertainment opportunities, from NASCAR, Hockey, Basketball, Football, Baseball, even Soccer and Lacrosse.

For the outdoor enthusiasts there are endless entertaining activities, including everything from White Water Rafting, Rodeo’s, Deep Sea Fishing to skiing and sightseeing amongst some of the world's most spectacular scenery.

And at the end of the day enjoy every cuisine imaginable, from Miami to New Orleans, through every shade of Barbecue from North Carolina to Texas, Sophisticated dining in San Francisco, Philadelphia and New York, to Lobsters and Seafood in New England.

America Entertains leads the global brand showcasing the best in entertainment and hospitality across America.

Watch for the media launch of America Entertains!



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