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Promoting Closed Florida Attractions

Washington, DC 16th Nov, 2005 -- Florida is by far the "Scam Capital" of the country for small time crooks. Having once lived in Orlando for nearly a decade I have seen enough creative money making schemes to last a lifetime.

With most of the searching for tourist information now carried out on the web you would think that the websites of Florida would be updated more than once a generation. They offer entising deals to unsuspecting tourists.

For example, one of my many web properties is King Henry's Feast, taken over when the famous Orlando Dinner Theater went out of business, at the hands of the Las Vegas entertainment promoters. Now there are probably thousands of similar cases across the web, but this one we have tracked since 2000.

King Henry's Feast was a highly successful dinner theater featuring my old pal Max Burton, a colorful English Jester and comedian. From 1990 to 2000 I would call on him and Linda and myself would watch an occasional performance.

Despite being a business success the land under the attraction was worth more than the continued employment of the cast and crew, and the enjoyment of tens of thousands every month. The whole package of Orlando dinner theaters were sold off in bankruptcy, and King Henry's Feast sold off to developers.

Imagine our surprise when we started getting bookings for private events through our new web site, and imagine our continuing surprise when five years after it closed down and was demolished we still continue to get bookings.

The reason we get all the inquiries is that the tickets for the long closed attraction are still touted by official Florida tourism sites, including Disney!

I asked a couple of these on line booking agents why they still had the details up online, and was told that of course they knew of the demise, but the deal is to get a prospect on the telephone, or online so you can sell them tickets for somewhere that is actually available.

Worse still we hear that there are black market tickets floating around for this weeks shows. Let the buyer beware for the only show to be seen is possibly the ghost of King Henry in the parking lot of The Olive Garden Restaurant, now built on the site.

But yet despite an emailing of as many webmasters as we can find, the details and tickets still are offered online.

Florida needs to clean up its act and so does Disney and the other big attraction companies. Stop offering non-existent tickets, and advertising closed attractions.


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