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Optus (MobileSat)(Aussat)

Operational. GEO satellites from Hughes offering fixed and mobile voice, fax, data and paging targeted at Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Optus offers a range of cost-effective satellite solutions for customers in Australia and New Zealand using our domestic network of Australian satellites - A3, B1 and B3. These satellites are in geostationary orbits at an altitude of around 36,000km above the equator. They are a vital link in providing Australia and New Zealand with broadcast, voice and data communications.

Telstra Corporation and Optus Communications handle most satellite communications made through Intelsat or Inmarsat. The Optus satellite system, formerly Aussat, provides significant domestic linkages and broadcasting capabilities across the continent. Ground stations operate in each capital city with major gateways located in Perth and Sydney. The local network of the United States Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite ground stations has 14 sites to ensue system integrity, monitoring, science and mapping. Satellites provide a means of determining location anywhere in the world with the GPS allowing ships, aircraft and mobile vehicles to track their locations with great accuracy. As well, some satellites convey emergency signals to enable search and rescue operations

2nd November , 2000

Cable & Wireless Optus today launched "down to earth" its new brand for satellite telecommunications services aimed at the nation's isolated residents.

Residents and businesses in rural and remote Australia connected to "down to earth" will receive telephony, high speed internet services, free to air television and facsimile services via a single satellite dish.

Bob Murray, General Manager, Satellite Services said the new products are a natural extension of the work Optus has been doing in rural and remote Australia for the past 15 years following the introduction of Remote Area Broadcasting Services (RABS).

Mr Murray said the RABS example proved that satellite technology was the natural technology for outback Australia.

"Satellite is the ideal communication choice for rural and remote Australia because geography is no obstacle. It does not matter where you live, satellite will reach your home," Mr Murray said



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