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The Odyssey Project uses 12 satellites to bring wireless cellular telephony to the "populated land masses". The Odyssey satellites orbit at 10,354 Kilometers above the Earth and use seven ground stations to manage the network.

Odyssey was developed by TRW, Inc. and Teleglobe Inc. It received a FCC license in January 1995.


1992 - Mobile Uplinks ( L Band) and Downlink (S-Band) frequencies allocated at WARC 1992

1995 - US FCC Licence awarded January 1995. Ka-band feederlink spectrum authorized at WRC 1995

2000- Global phone service projected.


Satellites 12
Cost per Sat $159 million
Altitude 10.354 km
Planes 3
Orbit Circular
Mobile MHz 1600/2500
Ground MHz Ka Band
Channels/sat 2,300
Min El Angle 22o
Stabilization 3 Axis
Weight 2,703 lbs
Antenna Rigid Beam Staring
>25o Vis 98.5%

Further Information

Web Site:

Odyssey Telecommunications International, Inc.
One Space Park,
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
Tel: (310) 814-8888
Fax: (310) 814-1400
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