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A $250 million project from Final Analysis and Polyot Enterprises, planned for 2002, using 32 LEO satellites in 6 orbit planes, plus 6 in-orbit spares. The FCC awarded a license in 1998, and is expected to be operational by 2002.

The system is designed for two-way messaging, asset tracking, monitoring and control, and file transfer. The geographical area is worldwide.


Final Analysis Selects General Dynamics for Overall System Engineering and Integration of FAISAT Satellite System.

Final Analysis Selects General Dynamics as its partners for overall SE&I and as prime contractor for the ground segment of its global FAISAT satellite system for wireless data services. General Dynamic Increases Equity Stake in Final Analysis. (August 1999)


Final Analysis has achieved the following significant milestones:

Space Segment

Final Analysis is responsible for the design, development and integration of the satellites, and is contracting with recognized satellite component manufacturers and system integrators to build various components of the satellite system. Consistent with this strategy, General Dynamics is under contract to Final Analysis to provide overall system engineering, integration, testing and assembly of the network, and is accountable for the entire global system. General Dynamics will supply the command and data handling computers for the spacecraft. L-3 Communications has been selected to design and develop portions of the communications payload and the Global Positioning System ("GPS") receivers for the FAISAT system. Polyot is also building certain spacecraft components.

Ground Segment

Raytheon is building the global ground network, including the global network control center, network operations centers, ground stations, satellite control center, terrestrial backbone and the retail and wholesale billing system.

Launch Segment

Polyot has been selected to launch the FAISAT satellites from Russia using its COSMOS light-class launch vehicles. Four launchers have been manufactured and set aside for Final Analysis.

The FAISAT Market

Final Analysis will provide mobile wireless data services through service providers and value-added resellers. The service providers will offer bundled messaging solutions to their customers, extending data services heretofore only available within coverage of terrestrial communications networks.

Using a satellite network that incorporates "next generation" technical features, Final Analysis supports applications such as messaging, data acquisition, control and monitoring, and asset management. These services are in demand by business, governments and consumers for messaging, as well as by industrial markets including transportation, utilities, construction, oil and gas, and automotive.

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