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Euro African Satellite Telecommunications

The satellite is expected to be launched in late 2001 for 2002 operation. Announcements expected later in 1999.

Uses a Eurostar 3000 GEO satellite to cover Africa, Middle East and parts of Europe, focusing on rural voice, with some data, with Internet access at 57.6, 115.2 and 384kbits/s. Plans to provide low cost services to extend the terrestrial networks.

Partners are Matra Marconi Space, Digimed, Matra Hautes Technologies (France), Nera (Norway), Aon Space (space insurance). Estimated costs are $800 million for satellites, and $350 million for gateways. $250  million is reported to have been obtained from MMS, Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, and NERA and a further $150 million is needed to proceed further.)

Date: Thursday, January 14 1999

Satellite operators Asia Cellular Satellite (ACeS) and Euro-African Satellite Telecommunications (EAST) have joined forces with industry leaders Ericsson Mobile Communications, Lockheed Martin and Matra Marconi Space to create a satellite air interface standard named GMSS (Geostationary Mobile Satellite Standard). The GMSS will be developed from GSM, the world-wide cellular standard. This groundbreaking initiative by satellite system operators, satellite manufacturers, terminal vendors and system manufacturers will enable mobile phone users to communicate in all parts of the world where the standard is operating. GMSS will be made available to all parties interested in implementing the standard. Consumers will benefit by being able to use mobile phones that are compatible with several satellite systems in any country where the GMSS is offered. Phone manufacturers will benefit by supplying products in larger volumes to many markets, which will enable economies of scale. GMSS will ensures a more rapid market penetration and allow service providers to attract new subscribers while increasing and developing their service.


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