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ROCKVILLE, MD – December 14, 2001 – Loral CyberStar, a global provider of high-quality data, video, content, and Internet services, today announced that it has signed an agreement with the China Telecommunications Broadcast Satellite Corporation (ChinaSat), the state-owned enterprise that provides satellite telecommunications broadcast services throughout China. ChinaSat will offer CyberStar’s entire range of services including the ClearStream broadband services. Loral CyberStar is a subsidiary of Loral Space & Communications (NYSE: LOR).


Digital Link™ VSAT Service Gives USA TODAY Global Reliability for Delivery of Editorial and Advertising Content to Overseas Printing Facilities

ROCKVILLE, MD – November 2, 2001 – Loral CyberStar, a subsidiary of Loral Space & Communications (NYSE: LOR) today announced that USA TODAY has extended its contract to use CyberStar’s Digital Link service to deliver daily editions of its newspaper to printing plants in London, Frankfurt, Brussels, Milan and Hong Kong through the use of very small aperture terminals (VSATs) located at each site in the network.

1982 - Orion Satellite Corporation was formed in 1982.
1987 - The holding company for Orion Satellite Corporation and Orion Network Systems, Inc. was formed.
1991 - Orion Network Systems announced its partnership structure and its initial equity investment in the new venture. The partnership included some of the worlds leading aerospace and communications and included: Orion Network Systems and General Dynamics in the USA, British Aerospace and Kingston Communications of Britain, Com Dev of Canada, Matra of France and STET in Italy.
1991 - The US Federal Communications Commission gave Orion the authority to proceed with plans to build and operate its satellite system.
1991 - In September, Orion Satellite Corporation finalized contracts with Matra and British Aerospace for the construction and design of the transatlantic satellite, Orion 1 (Telstar 11) as well as commissioning British Aerospace to deliver the satellite on-orbit. General Dynamics provided launch services.
1994 - Orion 1 (Telstar 11) was launched in November and offers Trans-Atlantic and Pan-European communications to multinational corporations.
1995 - Orion completed its initial public offering and by December 1995 communications service contracts exceeded US$150 million in cumulative value.
1996 - Orion Network Systems ranked 31st in the 1996 Inc. Magazine top 100 list of fastest growing public companies in the Unites States.
1997 - Orion launches full-fledged sales operations in Asia and Latin America by opening offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Miami, Bogota and Sao Paulo.
1997 - Orion laid the ground work for global expansion of the satellite system by raising US$710 million through a bond offering to pay for the construction and launch of Telstar 10 & 12 satellites.
1997 - Orion acquires all remaining partners' interests in Orion which were not previously owned by Orion Network Systems.
1997 - Orion acquires Teleport Europe GmbH, a leading provider of satellite communications services based in Hannover, Germany.
1998 - Orion Network Systems is acquired by Loral Space & Communications to become CyberStar
1998 - Orion 1 (Telstar 11), 2 (Telstar 12) & 3 (Telstar 10) satellites now managed and operated by Loral Skynet and become part of the Loral Global Alliance, leaving CyberStar to expand its leadership role in the delivery of international Internet and managed network services.
1998 - Established headquarters in Bangalore.
1999 - Loral creates the Loral Data Services group to create joint sales, marketing and product development synergies between CyberStar and Loral Orion.
1999 - Loral Cyberstar becomes the unified brand for Cyberstar's and Loral Orion's Internet and Infomedia services.
1999 - Latin America market license obtained.

CyberStar is now positioned to take advantage of growing opportunities in burgeoning markets around the world. With plans for network expansion -- including acquisition of more fiber and satellite capacity underway -- Cyberstar is ideally positioned to meet the increasing demands for seamless international communications, efficient private networks and sophisticated Internet services.

Expected to launch dedicated satellites in 2000 and be fully operational in 2001, in conjunction with SkyBridge. Loral/Alcatel will market the two projects together.

Cyberstar is a joint venture of Loral Space and Communications and Alcatel Espace, and plans to bring Internet Access, broadband interconnection, VOD and data services to North America, Asia and Europe.

The project is estimated at $1.6 billion and utilizes three GEO satellites in the Ka band.

Web Site: http://www.cyberstar.com

Lifetime:12-15 years
Ka-band spectrum: 500 MHz
Data Throughput 4.9 Gbit/s
Number of Beams:27 (dual polarized)
Communication beam bandwidth: 125 MHz (X54)
Downlink data rate: 92 Mbit/s
Uplink Access: FDM/TDMA
Downlink: TDM

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