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Last Updated: March 2002 


Celestri has now become part of the Teledesic project.

Celestri will absorb the Millennium and M-Star projects.

Celestri is a company that is led by Motorola and Matra Marino Space. Like Teledesic, it is also planning to introduce a space based broad band communications system. Its goal is to offer a broad range of services using a hybrid LEO/GEO system of satellites that augment and enhance the existing satellite and terrain infrastructure. The Celestri satellite system will consist of 63 LEO and nine GEO satellites and cost just over $1 billion. The LEOS will orbit the earth 900 miles above the surface. The GEOS will orbit at an altitude of 22,300 miles. Unique switching algorithms will connect the two types of satellites and will allow for a variety of data transmissions and communications. Celestri will use lasers for satellite- to-satellite communication and enjoy data transmission rates of up to 155 Mbps. The system should be operational by the year 2003.

9:05 a.m. Oct. 30, 1997 PST
Celestri framework: Motorola has contracted Matra Marconi Space SA to build the US$1.2 billion framework for its Celestri satellite constellation, The Wall Street Journal reports. Matra Marconi, a French-British venture, will develop and manufacture the power, propulsion, and avionics equipment for the project. The satellite communications network will incorporate 63 low-earth-orbit satellites and provide customers with a data pipeline capable of 50-Gbps transmission. Motorola expects the $12.9 billion communications constellation to begin commercial operations in 2003.

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