Protecting America's Competitiveness

Competitive Intelligence Analysts are worried at the rate of decline in America's Competitiveness and proposed new legislation, supported by President Bush signals serious concerns and the desire to stop the decline. Focus and Intelligence needed to prevent wasting taxpayers money.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) January 27, 2006 -- For many years Communication Links, Inc., which tracks political and technology intelligence around the world, has been warning of the decline in the US competitive edge, manufacturing leadership, and the increase of global competitors, particularly China. In response to this looming threat the Senate, supported by President Bush has now introduced legislation to boost the competitive edge of American industry. Known as the Protecting America’s Competitive Edge (PACE) Act it seeks to slow the exodus of jobs, manufacturing and technological innovation from the United States.

Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) a cosponsor of the PACE Bill stated, “We’re now playing in a tougher league. China and India are competing for our jobs. The best way to keep those jobs in America is to maintain our brainpower edge in science and technology. We asked the experts who should know exactly what we should do. They’ve told us. Now we should do it.”

Many US Research and Development companies are moving to China and India seeking to utilize their huge pool of highly motivated and qualified talent, a trend which threatens the future prosperity of America. Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) stated, “The whole foundation of American culture and economy is based on the concept of discovery and innovation. When you look at what has made America a superpower, it’s our innovation and our technology. We have to look at where the new ideas are going to come from that are going to generate the new products for the 21st century. The PACE Act will help to set the framework and creates the building blocks that we need for a smarter America.”

Communication Links, Inc. recently announced the OSINT Center, for Open Source Intelligence which monitors key technologies, as well as provided resources and training for corporations across America and Europe. ComLinks has also developed The National Energy Center for research, analysis and dissemination of information on energy and alternative energy technologies, as well as geopolitical threats to our energy supplies.

The ComLinks team are working closely with corporations, trade associations and economic development organizations to spread the word about the value of competitive intelligence and maintaining the competitive edge in a hostile world. In Washington, DC a major part of their work is political intelligence, defining the regulatory and legislative environment in which new technologies have to operate.

Alan Simpson, President of Communication Links, Inc. commented, "Without the benefit of focused competitive intelligence new innovation will not be directed at the areas of need, and benefit. Piling more taxpayer money on an unfocused educational and industrial base will hasten the demise of our competitive edge, not improve it. We must ensure that US Industry has the benefit of the same level of economic intelligence as enjoyed by our competitors."

The United States lags behind other industrialized nations in supporting economic intelligence and OSINT Centers for the private industrial and commercial base, instead sinking hundreds of billions into classified military intelligence. The consequence will be that the US will eventually lose it's industrial and commercial base essential to supporting a viable military. That could occur as early as 2020 if new competitive initiatives are not introduced and an effective private OSINT network supported to guide industry towards the most effective technologies and markets.


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