Due Dilligence for Hedge Funds

Washington, DC (PRWEB) December 6, 2005 -- Hedge Fund Managers around the world are taking notice of the unique fusion of newsroom and intelligence center created by ComLinks to provide Hedge Fund, media and corporate subscribers with news and analysis of political intentions in Washington, DC. Energy, telecoms and healthcare have been the focus during the pilot phase of this project for funds in New York and Beijing. In rapidly changing industries such as energy, telecommunications, broadcasting and pharmaceuticals one rule change, or one amendment to legislation can make, or destroy a company if not challenged, or alternatives found.

Hedge funds, which pursue high-risk, high-yield investments for wealthy clients, are increasingly worried about the risk to their international investments from the politically turbulent times in Washington. They need to plug into the “Back Channel Whispers” inside the Beltway and utilize politically-connected media and intelligence resources to ensure better warning of political decisions, and better due diligence of new and developing technologies.

Much like the privacy sought by the Hedge Fund community, political intelligence analysts run in depth investigations and legislative analysis without disclosing their clients, and it takes place in Washington every day. These political intelligence operations are not looking to influence legislation for their clients, but rather provide open-source material for them through personal relationships between lawmakers, staffers, journalists and lobbyists working the K Street - Wall Street corridor. This does not require registration or disclosure as with Lobbyists.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) uses information that can be harvested from a variety of sources, including books, speeches, newspapers, television and radio broadcasts, newswires, the Internet and magazine articles and for the political scenarios, feedback from interviews and conversations between Members of Congress, media and lobbyists in congressional committee rooms on Capitol Hill, and briefings and meetings around Washington. Sophisticated computer systems track these bits of information, create patterns and predict trends. These “Heads Up” computer warnings are followed up with extensive personal investigation of trusted sources to ensure exclusion of the growing misinformation found in the media and on the Internet. Often projects are created for a specific period of time and within a narrow focus to oversee the launch of a new venture, or during due diligence to ensure no surprises derail the planned rollout.

Communication Links, Inc., headed by media and intelligence veteran Alan Simpson provides internationally recognized intelligence consultants and investigative journalists to assist companies set up their own corporate intelligence operations, or to improve in-house intelligence departments. They have been used to evaluate existing operations, at home and abroad. ComLinks Intelligence Report, has been read by more than 8,000,000 people since it’s launch in 1996. In September Alan Simpson created the National Energy Center to track global energy and geopolitics, a proactive step for the looming energy crisis.

“It’s all about comparative advantage and market efficiency. If you are reading about it in the Wall Street Journal, you are reading about what has happened, not what will happen.” (The Hill, February 15, 2005)


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