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Right Message or Dead Americans

Washington, DC Oct. 6th, 2006 ---- There are two stark choices for the United States and Britain, either get the right message out there to the people of the world, or suffer many thousand more injured and dead servicemen and civilians.

The options are few, especially for the United States. You can do a dance around the issues, terminology, or academic concepts, but the reality is clear. Getting out the Right Message or Dead Americans. I should include British, Polish and every other country contributing to Bush's Folly in Iraq, but the Americans will die in their thousands unless the right message gets out to the world.

It doesn't matter if the Democrats take control of the House, Senate and White House, the damage has been done and the festering hatred has set in. The right message has to be out there neutralizing the terrorist message being heard by the people of the world. Unfortunately the negative message of hate from the terrorists is beginning to resonate with more and more sympathizers in America, Britain, across Europe and Asia. The draw of an all powerful political and ideological resistance to the power of the United States has enormous appeal to many young people, especially of Islamic backgrounds. The same anti-American rhetoric is sweeping Central and South America, as shown by the support of President Hugo Chavez. In the Middle East the stubborn ranting's of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a rallying cry to the youth, without jobs or hope for their future. They perceive America and Israel are raping and pillaging their lands and assets, whilst bombing their houses and killing their friends and relatives.

It has all the makings for social revolution on a scale not seen since Communism. This revolution will spread to every corner of the world, and manifest itself in acts of random violence against innocent civilians, as well as military personnel. Add to that the development of Weapons of Mass Destruction by countries desperate for the vast wealth and Oil from Iran and Venezuela. Even if Iran saves it's money by stopping Uranium Enrichment it could still buy several nuclear weapons and technology from a bankrupt North Korea, especially if the United States paints them both into a corner, with only a humiliating retreat to comply with American demands as the only option

The United States is spending nearly 50 billion dollars a year on collecting and analyzing every scrap of intelligence. To be correct it collects vast amounts and analyzes very little, because of shortages of trained analysts and language experts. At the same time the military is spending billions of dollars a month fighting a war most know is already lost. Their only hope now is to hang on long enough until the Iraqis can take over and the US and Britain can get out without too many casualties. The consequences of leaving Iraq will be nasty, and result in even more dead Americans than staying and solving the root problems. The first root problem is the hatred of everything American, a perception.

The unforeseen success of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not because he is brilliant, it is because the United States has it's media head up it's ass and let's him have the stage to himself. There is no alternate message to his ranting's. True the Lincoln Group, armed with hundred million dollar Pentagon contracts are showering rogue reporters with bribes to write glowing stories about American successes. Duh!! Do they thing the sympathizers can't filter out this disinformation and weak propaganda. Anything they do is tainted and counter productive, having already blown their cover and lost all credibility.

The US Army PsyOps people, most of whom really need psychiatric help themselves, are completely the wrong people to be involved with bringing round an angry, hating population. They put them there in the first place, and are trained as mental aggressors, not healing practitioners. The whole American Military Industrial Complex is totally ill suited to healing and creating an environment where Americans will not be blown to bits, in the Middle East or at home. They relish war, they make huge profits in conflict, and don't care about collateral damage to civilians.

So far we have seen a Learning War against the United States. The attacks seen so far appear to be probing the weak underbelly of America and Europe. The beast that attacked is being cut to pieces in a very expensive retaliation, but the fragments take roots, collect sympathizers and develop into even more terrorist cells. It's like a bad science fiction movie, every time you cut off a part of the body it reproduces another monster that attacks more targets. And the battles are only just beginning. They are learning to inflict maximum casualties, tailor made for TV News.

The victory of Hezbollah against Israel aggression, albeit with heavy losses, should send shivers down the spine in Washington, London, Paris and capitals around the world. The Hezbollah fighters offer hope to billions of people who see themselves as oppressed underdogs. Had they been defeated Ahmadinejad would have denied any involvement, even knowledge of Hezbollah. Now they have won he is basking in the perception that he led them to victory. What's more it was the President of the United States who told the world that he was the victorious leader in Lebanon. Once again Bush opened his mouth and did irreparable damage to America. But he is protected, or so he thinks, by the US Secret Service.

That is the unreal delusions that are the hallmark of political life in Washington, DC. The world is moving and Washington, DC believes it will all stay as it is, with them as the center of the Superpower, and everyone doing homage to their superiority. Great Britain under Queen Victoria, "The Empire on which the Sun never sets". Consider that less than twenty years later that same Empire was Bankrupt, losing tens of thousands of it's most valuable young men every month on the killing fields of Europe. It wasn't long after that when the global Empire disappeared and Britain begged for help from Sultans and Princes to help pay it's overdue debts. How quickly the Superpowers become the has been's.

The point that is missed in the Gung Ho world of Rumsfeld's Shock and Awe philosophy is the the mighty British Empire did not collapse through a string of military defeats. It was the perception of the peoples of the world that they didn't benefit from being subjects of the Crown. Britain didn't understand this and didn't bother to explain why being part of the British family of countries would be of great benefit to them. Today America is repeating the same expensive arrogant mistake. Instead of promoting reasons to like the United States, they threaten, cajole, bomb and demand submission from the people of the world. A Big Mistake!

So the choice is quite clear. Sell the Message or get thousands more body bags ready for the casualties of Imperial Arrogance. Simply it's Deal, or No Deal and the numbers on the board are dead and injured Americans.

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