Political Intelligence

by Alan J Simpson,

The benefits of "Swarm Intelligence" have been applied to politics, and an almost real time visualization of the political climate can be painted across our computer screens. The 2008 election firmly put the Internet, and the political Blogs, at the top of measuring the political pulse of campaigns and issues. This visualization tool allows monitoring of the different issues, personalities, and platforms, seeing them wax and wane as they move around the political Radar screen.

Once you could rely on the major news organizations but most have cut their DC bureaus to the bone, and many have closed them altogether. They send a young reporter to get a quick public briefing, or worse still refer to an emailed news release and write their copy. A recipe for disaster.

The political Radar is a dynamic picture of News Patterns that is updated every few minutes, so any picture is a snapshot of a single point in time. The colored squares determine the size and importance of that issue, and as the video unfolds their relationship with each other becomes very interesting. The rantings and ravings of right wing radio hosts often are at odds with the voting public, someting Republican hopefuls should take notice of. But for media and political planning we have a powerful new tool to help us understand the political climate. And for the Democrats be careful what you promise. As the Radar shows (07/12/2009) President Obama owns the Healthcare issue, Energy Policy is off the inner screen, and Iran is out in distant pastures.

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