Herding the Swarm - The Holy Grail for Politicians

Washington, DC, July 6th, 2009 -- The computer algorithm that defines and allows us to monitor Swarm Intelligence in random Blogs, news feeds, postings in chat rooms and Twitter has Intelligence Agencies, politicians and PR people scurrying around the computer labs quietly asking the question, can computer power influence these swarming pieces of data?

The fusion of biology, physics, computer science and magic that has created the latest software algorithms that can visualize the news and media universe, the investing marketplace, risks, competitors, even terrorists could provide the Holy Grail of influencing the voting and buying habits of publics. Instead of having thousands, even millions of collector bots and spiders running around cyberspace asking questions, could they be nudging and "suggesting" a better answer to these questions?

According to many computer experts it is indeed possible, and when the subject is brought up within the Defense Contractors the atmosphere becomes very charged very quickly, as if the Intelligence Community has already thought of this, and there are secret contracts out there funding research and development under some innocuous code word.

The Iranian uprising against the reelection of Happy Harry was motivated, organized and driven, or so it is said, using Twitter, the US start up social networking site. For the record these social networking sites don't seem to earn any revenue, yet get tens of millions in venture capital from somewhere to allow us to tell them our most intimate personal information. If NSA suggested that the public tell them their history, what they are doing, where they are, their interests and who their friends are there would be screams of disgust from the liberal left. Yet that is exactly what these social networking sites achieve every day.

It isn't that stretch of the imagination to work on getting all these electronic targets to want to be influenced and move together in unison, or appear to move together. For who knows if the people who are twittering, or posting their lives and thoughts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace are real, or computer generated. Many don't have photographs and the Recommendation process is really a joke. You recommend me and I will recommend you. If both electronically generated personas are fake it really does not matter. You listen and tell the people in your group, with exactly the same interests as yourself, the same political thoughts and the same goals. Maybe it is an electronic mirror of your information?

Computer savvy politicians have embraced News Pattern technology as essential to to monitor the mood and direction of the media, and tens of millions of Blogs, it won't be long before we see the elections being fought in Cyberspace, with data bots knocking at your computers to leave you a Cookie and persuade you to vote for their candidate, or buy their product.

Consider then the consequences to the data on your hard drive if you ignore them, or promise to vote for them, then vote for the opponent. Most cyber technology is a two edged sword, and it is far too sharp for the average human to handle.


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