Political Intelligence Vindicated?

Washington, DC, Feb. 3rd, 2009 -- This week I heard from a handful of executives regretting they hadn't taken notice of the many Political Intelligence feeds, or subscribed to a more in depth analysis of Risk, as seen through the eyes of Washington, DC. A bit late for many of us have been predicting dire results from the path and policies of the Bush Administration. This isn't Rocket Science, just common sense from multiple primary sources.

The executives of Wall Street have believed they have the answers for a long time. They thought the Stock Market was the heart, soul and mind of the Capitalist United States. Under no circumstances should government be allowed to regulate, hinder or question the marketplace. What happened in the corridors of power in Washington, DC was for the consumption of the common man, but not for Wall Street, or the Financial Barons.

Today we see the beginning of a change in the entire fabric of the United States. The freewheeling Capitalist system is gone for ever. Across the world the Communist system has failed and collapsed. The result is some level of Socialism, as exists in the rest of the world.

The role of central government will become more and more important, and intelligence is of paramount importance. The sad fact is that the entire basis of the bail out plans is to borrow more and more, to compensate from the mess we have created from borrowing. Sounds crazy? It is.

What is even more crazy is that most corporations subscribe to entertainment networks to provide them with essential information on the activities, and thinking of the committees and regulators who decide their future. One executive who called decided that his multi-billion dollar corporation had no use to subscribe because they had whole departments of "Like minded thinkers monitoring the marketplace". They have now gone and so have the executives.

So before we start the 2009 political season I firmly believe the political intelligence of the past thirteen years has been invaluable to those who listened, and a deep regret for those who ignored it.


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