A New Year, A New Administration, A New Hope

Washington, DC, Jan 3rd, 2009 -- There is real pleasure in archiving the political files from 2008. The year wasn't a particularly good one, and I have to admit that I am counting the days, even hours until President Cheney and Boy Blunder ride off into the sunset. True they leave a devastated landscape full of worry and despair, but they will be OUT! No gerrymandering of electoral districts, no voter fraud and no PsyOps can keep them in power. There is hope in the ashes.

The question is "Can Obama bring Change and Prosperity?". The man is a brilliant Orator, probably the best political speaker of our time, but in a few short days he will have to work with the corrupt, inefficient and entrenched machine we know as Congress. The Executive Branch will change, but will Congress.

People are looking to attend the Inauguration from the far corners of the world. Never has there been so much excitement and enthusiasm for an American President. Then what?

I must admit I have misgivings about the Bush Pardon's, although there seems to be mumbling's about there being less than the three thousand or so rumored a few days ago.

Many have commented on the lack of articles, but there really has been no point in writing about Washington, DC since November. The entire town is in change over mode, and the news organizations are flooding the corridors of power with reporters, and wall to wall news crews from the cable news networks. Something to fill in those hours, empty of commercials.

Politicians are jockeying for position and power. The Committee Chairs and seats are in play, and behind the scenes it looks like a no holds barred Australian Rules Football Game. So much is at stake. The office holders in the Executive Branch are being announced and withdrawn in short order. Sooner get them sorted before they take office, and not have the repeat of the Bush Administration with promoting the same handful of trusted misfits to the most powerful positions in the land. Until they take office and until Obama moves into the White House, and sees the true books, then everything is just speculation.

So I hope all my readers have had a good holiday season, and join with me in wishing President Elect Obama a good Inauguration, and clarity of vision and thought after he is sworn in. As for George I hope he enjoys riding his Mountain Bike around and around his new house in Dallas, now the fake Karl Rove "Made for TV Ranch" in Crawford is no longer needed.

See you all shortly!


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