Bailing Out Detroit's Gas Guzzling Monsters

Washington, DC, Nov 18th, 2008 -- The lobbyists are in disarray. How can they support bailing out Detroit, when their other clients want the same pot of money, and the other lobbyists point to Toyota and other management structures running profitable plants in the US. But yet they need their fat checks from the aging once powerful Icons of American manufacturing.

Washington has limousines galore bringing the powerful voices to Capitol Hill to demand that taxpayer money is used to prop up the Icon of Capitalism, and the lines of overpriced and bad examples of customer service we know as Auto Dealers. They cry their Crocodile tears once again that the poor small business building that important part for the giants will go broke. They forget that most of these small businesses already went broke when they shipped production of sub assemblies to Mexico and Canada. Oops maybe Canada can help Detroit, or Mexico.

The country would be well served if hundreds, maybe thousand of lying, cheating and unresponsive car dealerships went bust. The worst offenders are those for the Big Three, now in trouble. Maybe some smart kid in High School may link the bad service, aggressive sales techniques, lies and bad choices of new models as the reason they are in this mess.

There are those who believe going bankrupt will help the country rebuild the Auto industry as a more efficient model than we have today. The negotiating team in Washington looked like many of them knew Ford in person. They seem to believe that "What's good for General Motors is good for the USA" still applies, after all the damage that doctrine has done to the country. We listened to Detroit and ripped up the miles of rail and destroyed the public transport infrastructure. Now we are suffering, and unlike all the other developed countries who have no efficient public transport network. We have millions of gas-guzzling monsters from Detroit that nobody can afford, and the extra weight and wear is destroying our bridges and roads.

But then again do we really need all those huge monsters that the retired take nearly an hour to park outside the supermarket. Do we really need the Urban Assault Vehicles blocking your view at every halt sign, just to take little Joey to the soccer game? (That's Joe the Full Back, Joe the Plumber's son!)

The time is perfect to have a bankruptcy, change in top management, cleaning out of dead wood and duplication, a merger, and seed capital from Congress to create a world class auto manufacturer for the 21st Century.


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