Bush's Cover-Up Dilemma

Washington, DC, Nov. 16th, 2008 -- The promise by Tom DeLay and other disgraced NeoCons was that there would be a Republican majority with the voters for ever, Amen. The Thousand Year Republican Reich was their dream, through manipulating voting districts, wholesale voter fraud, and the help of rigged election machines.

Unfortunately things didn't work out that way, thanks mainly to the early voting, and millions new young Democrats. Also let's not forget the legions of disgusted Republicans who stayed at home instead of supporting the Saturday Night Live comedy act known as the Republican ticket. Together these pose a problem for an Administration, who many believe are probably guilty of War Crimes, torture, rendition and a long list of abuses. Add this to an angry electorate who wants to know what the hell they were up to for 8 years, the true cost of the Iraq War becoming public, and you have fireworks.

The CIA operatives in particular could find themselves exposed to criminal prosecution for carrying out the orders of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld. In fact a whole lot of people could blow the whistle in their own defense and end up indicting the leaders of the Bush Administration. Then there looms the prospect of Cheney being picked up off his Dubai Island and flown to The Hague to stand trial. If the US can practiceExtraordinary Rendition why can't the rest of the world?

The answer then is to pardon hundreds, even thousands of liars, cheaters, torturers, kidnappers, and murderers and insulate the Bush Cabinet from prosecution. Then declare that an ex President and VP are above the law and cannot be investigated for potentially criminal acts when they leave office. The ultimate extension of Executive Privilege.

This will certainly cause an uproar with both the Dems in Congress and the voters. Already it is known that Bush is thinking of pardoning up to 3000 people who aided and abetted in his criminal and fraudulent ventures. The last thing they want is all these secret contracts out in the open, and then there still is the unresolved ENRON connection, Valerie Plame, WMD's and a whole string of misleading and planted co-conspirators. That could end up in pardoning more than all the other Presidents combined, and setting the stage for a dramatic showdown with Obama.

How can the US absolve those who have destroyed the country, overseen the destruction of the economy, and financial system, and now want to cover up their criminal activities. Already the mood of the country is becoming more and more hostile to the mismanagement of the many, by the few. Wall Street is getting away lightly, but when the Auto industry came begging the mood turned sour. If they see immunity for all of Bush's, or more correctly Cheney's crooked cronies then the mood could turn downright nasty.

There are a lot of young, inexperienced CIA operatives who must be thinking that the Bourne movies are documentaries and their employers are about to disown them and even shut them up for ever. What has happened to this Great Country under Bush!!


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