The Day the World Changed

Washington, DC November 6th, 2008 --- There was very little real difference between dawn on November 4th, 2008 and November 5th, 2008 but the world had changed forever. Not just America, which saw an unprecedented outpouring of emotion in the streets from millions of young voters, but the entire world cheered the election of Barack Obama, and the end of Bush. Even in countries where the crowds had been burning American flags days before, they were cheering Obama.

In Washington, DC the spontaneous revelry began quietly when the announcement was made, but quickly grew as tens of thousands took to the streets, horns blaring, young voters hanging out of car windows, waving Obama signs, and the Stars and Stripes. Not burning the flag, as they did for Bush 1 and 2, but proudly waving it.

By 2am for blocks around the White House, there was traffic gridlock and so much noise you had to shout to be heard. Strangers, Black and White were hugging everyone, and giving "High Fives". The college dorms had emptied onto the streets to celebrate the rebirth of America.

The debts were still there, the lost jobs, the credit crunch, and two wars being fought on credit. But suddenly there was the perception of hope. Buses passed us with everyone on there feet chanting "Yes We Can", as they waved to pedestrians, mingling with the cars, everyone hugging and shaking hands. The noise was deafening.

Wednesday was a strange day in Washington as realism that the Earth moved, and all the scheming and corruption by Tom DeLay, Newt Gingrich, and the NeoCons to create a "Thousand Year Republican Government" had failed. It also became clear that 10% of the vote was from first time young voters. An unheard of figure, and one which the Republican Manipulators had dismissed.

Thursday, November 6th, 2008 was as if the sluice gates had been opened and suddenly people started to want to bring back prosperity and begin buying.

Perceptions are so powerful!

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