Our Man in Washington

Washington, DC, Oct 8th, 2008 -- It seems inconceivable that corporations believe that they can learn all about the political process, and the mood of Washington, DC from the evening news, and reading brief editorials in the left, or right leaning newspapers. Even more amazing are the number of younger executives who believe a quick flash of The Drudge report over breakfast is enough Due Diligence to make their job safe.

The belief too that a lobbying firm will give them unbiased feedback is also another laughing matter, especially when the same lobbying firm is tasked with slewing opinion, and influencing legislation.

More and more the fate of the mighty is being decided along the corridors of power in DC, as opposed to the corridors of trade in New York. The fact is that the United States of America is moving towards a more socialistic approach, with government intervention keeping the often badly run industries alive. The Wall Street experts demand that other countries end subsidies to their key industries, yet demand government help for themselves.

The collapse of the greedy will accelerate in the months ahead. Far too much money has been taken out of US Corporations in the forms of inflated bonuses, huge salaries and great binges of expensed luxury camouflaged as motivation and sales meetings. The lucrative money merry go round has stalled, and the fake animals have come flying off, complete with their riders. The demands of the rich and greedy are then directed at Washington, in the firm belief that the most corrupt Administration in living memory bails them out. But the Administration is too busy burning files and making an exit strategy that will keep them out of Criminal Court, and out of War Crimes prosecutions. They need to bury their War Profiteering gains so that the incoming Administration can't expose them. They have no further use for the Auto Industry, US Banks, or the Financial Sector, as there are no more $1000 a plate fundraiser's scheduled for them.

That is the reality of Washington, and don't forget your lobbyist friend who has been advising you is now changing his spots for stripes and becoming a friend of the Democrats. The dusty pictures of Ronald Reagan are being taken down again, and up are going Roosevelt and Clinton. The Free Market lobbyists are becoming Born Again New Deal Advocates praising the job creation schemes, and lobbying for Federal funds to permit their clients to retrain the jobless.

Don't worry if Obama trips up it will all change again in 4 years.


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