Cheney - Stirring the Pot

Washington, DC, Sep 5th, 2008 -- Whilst the American public is busily distracted by the Republican Convention and the "Made to Distract " public launch of Sarah Palin, the Republican Vice President is away doing what he does best, lining the pockets of his corporate interests. To be exact a threatened Oil and Gas pipeline ventures in the Caucuses, and being caught with your pants down in Georgia.

Instead of letting the Russia/Georgia conflict cool down, an instead of Israel and the NeoCons admitting they miscalculated with building up Georgia as a base for Israel to attack Iran, with total funding and logistical support from the United States, Cheney is whipping up the dying embers to become a major confrontation. Not for his miserable hide but for the next President.

This Administration, famous for ignoring the poor Blacks in New Orleans is pumping billions in military aid to Georgia, to spend in Israel. Not able to find a cent to help millions of Americans keep a roof over their heads they are front and center giving out money as though they had surplus billions to spare. They are borrowing from the Chinese to give to the Israelis to destabilize the region. What a policy!

But the Jellyfish Congress dare not call him to order, lest it offends the Israeli Arms Dealers and the fury of AIPAC.

Any patriotic Vice President would have been at the party convention, explaining the achievements, if any, of eight years of Republican rule, six of them with complete control of the White House and Congress. I dare use the term patriot for here is a 5 times deferred draft dodger who is probably the worlds greatest war profiteer when the facts are declassified and history books written. Yet the rich old white haired dudes and dudesses who make up the delegates at the Republican Convention forgive him for he has made them even richer, and with less than equitable tax burden to boot. They will forgive is inexcusable absence at the most important convention for decades so long as he is making money. Such public service!

Politics is like an Earthquake Zone. If you can slowly bring the zone into equilibrium then all is quiet and well. Let it build up and there will be a devastating jolt as pressures are stabilized. It's the same in the United States and unless the widening social inequality, crumbling infrastructure and outright mass corruption in Washington is corrected then there will be a nasty correcting jolt sometime in the future. Bush, Cheney, and McCain are so removed from the everyday life in America that they can neither comprehend the reality and gravity of the situation, or in the case of Cheney they don't really care.

How many people in America can't remember how many houses they own, and keep it very quiet that they travel by their personal jet. That is a candidate who promises change. A person of the people who knows their plight.

The Congress should be watching every threat, and letting Cheney loose to antagonize an irritated Russia is one of them. Oh I wish the Wizard of Oz would give the Democrats a Backbone.

In the meantime consider all that is on CNN to be distractions and look carefully at what those about to be ousted from power are up to. Don't rely on the media, they pander to special interests, not to the people. And if I was leader of Congress I would publish Cheney's daily schedule for all to see and protect the United States from those who wish them harm.

Promising that Europe will adhere to the old NATO Charter and attack Russia if Georgia becomes part of NATO and is threatened again, as Cheney promises, is sheer madness, as the Germans and French will testify. The Russians made mincemeat of the Germans, and earlier of Napoleons Army. The Russians won the fight against Hitler, not the Americans, or British despite what we like to think. They are somewhat bumbling when quiet, but ruthless and brutal when aroused. They are quiet at the moment with their new found petroleum wealth. Let's convince them to build houses and roads with that wealth and not go into a spiraling Cold War Arms Race, this time with us having to borrow from China to fight them. For the likes of Cheney have destroyed American Industry and sold our plants to China and India. The last thing we need is Russia supplying the Taliban with weapons, as we did when the roles were reversed.

Or maybe the Acceptance Speech at the Republican Convention was a Call to Arms for a war in the Balkans and Middle East. Maybe the sick White Haired Old Dudes really want to see tens of thousands slaughtered. They engineered Vietnam (Gulf of Tonkin) and Iraq (Weapons of Mass Destruction), and made a hell of a lot of money, why can't they engineer the next one. The gullible voter will go along with the fraud.

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