RepConv 2008 - A Call to Arms!

Washington, DC, Sep 4th, 2008 -- The first part of the Republican Convention on Thursday was a repeat of the Wednesday presentations and in case you missed them they said:

John McCain, Hero, Prisoner of War, Tortured, Patriot
John McCain, Hero, Prisoner of War, Tortured, Patriot
John McCain, Hero, Prisoner of War, Tortured, Patriot

This appealed to the white haired audience which looked more like a Veterans Day celebration than a political party in deep trouble, needing Change. The only change most of the delegates want is for their Depends. Sorry but that was not a representative mix of the United States electorate.

The lies about Obama came fast and furious. If this had been a corporate conference Sen. Lindsey Graham would be in deep trouble for misrepresenting the facts, blatant lies and fear mongering. But in the world of fabricated facts, from the Swiftboats to the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq it's OK to lie to the electorate.

At times I began to hear the speeches of Joseph Goebbels piling accolade after accolade on the Fuehrer to the chosen party faithful at Nuremberg. I do respect the uniformed veterans but civilian political rallies should not be where military uniforms, or hats are worn.

Finally after listening to the twisted fear mongering from the warm up comedians, and Cindy McCain the next Mother Teresa, with ten houses, private jet and $100,000,000 in the bank, the long awaited John McCain, (that is John McCain, Hero, Prisoner of War, Tortured, Patriot in case you didn't know) speech came. Ten years ago I really thought John McCain was the answer to Billy Boy and his Pecker Problem. He seemed like a return to the days of hope and direction of Reagan. Then suddenly we saw a meek, mild and compliant John McCain, as if Karl Rove had shown him the Polaroids, ready to send to the Washington Post.

Yesterday I wanted to hear the Palin presentation as audio only, today I wanted the visuals as well. John McCain isn't very good at concealing his body language. Watch the announcement of Palin as his running mate earlier in the week, and watch his face, stare and clenched fists.

Finally the White Haired Dude shuffled out, wandered around and out to the podium. I must admit I felt sorry that this could not have been ten years earlier, and we would not be so deep in the fertilizer as we are today. He was the reformer back then, as opposed to a Bush servant he is today.

The speech was a great call to Arms, a call to join up and fight the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong. It was a rousing speech that would have gone into the history books after Pearl Harbor. The delivery was perfect to get the crowd to rush to the recruiting booths and sign up to fight for the country. Unfortunately it's about a collapsing economy, corruption and abuse at the highest level, and a global collapse of image and confidence in the United States. We don't have the Draft, yet.

The economy is in free fall, the housing market has collapsed, jobs are being lost by the thousand, 17% of the workforce has been dumped into the poverty trap, tens of millions are without healthcare and the multi millionaire candidate is living in the past, forty years in the past. He has the luxury of being able to sell nine of his houses and still have somewhere to live. He can buy the hospital let alone pay for treatment. But he whipped that audience up to send someone else's sons and daughters off to fight the war, the war that the Republicans will leave for the next President.

The presentation was a great and final Hoorah for McCain. As he finished his delivery he wandered off, and out to thank the delegates. Not the best way to finish. Palin disappeared and had to be rounded up and brought back by the Secret Service. The now obligatory line up of family and pets was somewhat strained, you can't have family off limits to the media, and use them as stage props. That applies to Clinton as well.

The opportunity to hammer how the Republicans will turn around a collapsing economy is lost, replaced by a profusion of accolades to the Surge and military history of John McCain. Will the unemployed be given a signed photograph of John McCain in the Hanoi Hilton instead of a new job. Will the closed production plants be given over to the VFW to practice marching and presenting their colors. Will the dying poor be treated at the free facilities of the Veterans Administration.

Sorry but everything this week has been watching the organist for the Wizard of Oz. There has been unfounded attacks against Obama, an atmosphere of fear mongering, and living in the past. Palin exaggerated all her achievements and has a track record of being so bossy and single minded that nobody can work with her. She has an inability to compromise, and is ideal for Alaska, but will be totally out of place in Washington, DC and a disaster on the global stage. Her speech was a long list of "I" and "Me" with no references to any cooperative achievements. Diplomacy is negotiation and compromise.

We still have to hear what McCain/Palin will do for the voters, we have heard their fascination with the military. But they are not running for Secretary of Defense. We have heard the VP is a PitBull with Lipstick, a Sarah Barracuda. But how will she guide bipartisan compromised legislation through the Senate, or hasn't anyone told her about her real Job Specification. She is not the President yet, and when she is she will taking directions from Dick Cheney.

It is a sad path for the McCain from ten years ago. I am really sorry.

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