RepConv 2008 - Palin the Giant Slayer

Washington, DC, Sep 3rd, 2008 -- There is a theory that if you repeat something again and again to an audience they will become mesmerized and believe it. Well the Republicans repeated the same words over and over again, to avoid mentioning anything about reversing ....... failed Republican policies. They moved the clock back forty years.

For those who missed the circus acts repeat this a hundred times an hour:

John McCain, Vietnam Hero, Prisoner of War, Tortured, Patriot
John McCain, Vietnam Hero, Prisoner of War, Tortured, Patriot
John McCain, Vietnam Hero, Prisoner of War, Tortured, Patriot
John McCain, Vietnam Hero, Prisoner of War, Tortured, Patriot

We all know of John McCain getting shot down, along with many others. We know about others who shot down the MiG's trying to shoot them down. We know little about those shot down and who escaped, or evaded capture to be rescued by the very brave rescue helicopter crews. That is all on the History Channel!

The highlight of the evening was of course the public unveiling of Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, and a well rehearsed and well planned speech. On the first run through I just listened to the words, taking a leaf out of analysis of the Nixon debates. That also took away the distraction of thinking "Cute" or wondering how much Lenscrafters paid her to do the commercial.

She needs an awful lot of voice training to sound a little less shrill and squawking. Her voice is irritating, not soothing. Women politicians with a soothing voice can turn audiences around their little fingers, and can calm heated discussions.

I began to wonder how much of her achievements would stand up to scrutiny. Her attacks on Obama were built on a large number of incorrect statements, and on the whole she was taking a lot of liberties with the facts. She downright lied about "The Bridge to Nowhere" and although now labeling every Soccer Mum as a Pitbull with Lipstick didn't really say anything nice about anyone except John McCain, a War Hero who had been shot down in Vietnam, made a Prisoner of War and tortured. Now where had I heard that before?

She tends to come across on audio as being about herself, and only herself. Having been kept out of sight for two days, rehearsing her speech I would have liked to have heard an occasional "We" .

I would like someone to ride into Washington, DC and clean up the town. But it isn't going to happen! Palin did turn on her own party and hammered them with Ethics charges. That won't happen in DC. If she was genuine in her quest for justice, and I wish she was, then there will be many prominent Republicans occupying Jail Cells in pretty quick succession.

Not declaring a few private jobs done by State employees, or minor violations does not compare with Imprisonment without trial, Rendition, torture and murder and many more blatant abuses carried out by the current Republicans in power. Does she see any problems with taking on Dick Cheney for his billions of dollars of secret contracts to Haliburton, which he owns a large chunk of the stock. Or the blatant lobbying and influence peddling by the Republicans. Will she investigate the blatant constitutional trashing by Gonzales, and his love of Water Boarding. Or will she side with her party leaders in ignoring the decisions of the Supreme Court.

Getting pissed off with your ex Brother-in-Law doesn't compare with kidnapping people, flying them half way around the world to be tortured, maimed and killed on a hunch that they may have valuable information, or not. If she is genuine I would be so enthusiastic that at last the United States is regaining it's high moral values.

The audience of Old White Haired Rich Dudes loved her, and it energized their right wing, living in the past rich Republicans for their ranches and retirement homes. I did see the handful of black delegates were meeting at a side room in the local Burger King, to get a photo before there are no minorities allowed into the Convention.

I don't know but it seems that there are forces we don't see at work here. There are far more qualified women to run as VP on the McCain ticket. McCain looks tired and sick. If I were a conspiracy theorist I would believe that the election was already rigged, thanks to flawed software and that McCain will be gone soon, leaving Miss Congeniality as President. The obvious path then would be to appoint Richard Cheney as her Vice President in view of his experience.

We will have to see how the conference plays tomorrow. I hope there is some real insight in how McCain aims to undo the policies he supported 95% of the time, and how Sarah Barracuda can bring the lofty, and experienced politicians of Washington, DC to face justice.

I wish her well, but frankly I don't believe her.

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