The Republican Convention - Geritol and Depends

Washington, DC, Sep 2nd, 2008 -- The disappointing second day of the Republican Convention resonated with the clatter of walking frames and vintage ear trumpets as Delegates cheered memories of a different world fighting in Vietnam, Korea and World War II. The gray haired, hard at hearing collection of noble and retired Veterans was a joy to watch, and remember. It was a poignant walk down memory lane for a White Haired old man still living at the Hanoi Hilton. Any lone voice that asked "What have you done since being tortured" would have been drowned out in howls of disgust. Forget mentioning policies for the future, except Roe-v-Wade and Tax Cuts.

The usual tribute to the past eight years of a Republican in the White House somehow got left off the agenda, and the usual line up of the party leaders somewhat ended up as seeing Daddy Bush again, and again. The list of absent party leaders read like a Who's Who of the Republican Party. The Vice President was in the Caucuses trying to salvage a lucrative Oil pipeline contract for his cronies, Condy Rice was jetting to Europe to bad mouth Russia and who knows where the rest of the Rabbits were hiding to avoid being at their Convention. Strange don't you think.

Fred Thompson who's own attempt to be nominated as the Republican choice for President needed Viagra, and turned into a limp useless embarrassment gave a hollow speech to the faithful, and Joey Lieberman showed that you can switch parties, sides, views haircuts, anything if the price is right. If Joey turned up at the Miss America competition in a swimsuit I would not be surprised, he really is a little confused in his old age. What is even more amazing is that he was reported as McCain's personal choice for running mate. If the Dems don't kick him off all their committee slots then they need a backbone transplant.

Back in the media trenches McCain was throwing a fit and refusing to talk to Larry King of CNN because another anchor asked probing questions of a plastic moronic McCain aide concerning Palin. I watched that interview and Campbell Brown was right, Tucker Bounds was divisive, and tried not to answer any questions, just blabber out prepared statements about Obama and other irrelevant rubbish. What this does show is that McCain is unstable under pressure and flies into a hissy fit when he does not get his own way. A factor well known inside the Beltway, but kept from the electorate.

How dare mere mortals question the facts about the choice and experience of the second in command to the biggest Nuclear Arsenal in the world, behind the ailing, elderly statesman who spent many years being physically and mentally tortured. Just pull the lever and the Wizard of Oz will look after you.

What happened to the mighty Republican Conventions of old, where the likes of Ronald Reagan energized the crowds to build his vision, and go out in the world fighting Communism and evil. Now we see a Republican Party whose leaders are skulking around the world, manipulating evil for their personal gain, throwing aside the hopes and dreams of Reagan for torture and fear.

I will watch the rest of the Republican Convention with the hope that the best has yet to come, and that we will address issues of today, and tomorrow, and not just march up and down memory lane because we don't have anything to offer the young voters of today. Frankly I am waiting for one of the Delegates from the wealthy oil patch of Texas to stand up and shout "Remember the Alamo!"

And as regards the media asking probing and embarrassing questions, It's about bloody time. They should have started before we invaded Iraq! Then there would have been room for a few thousand more who could have attended the conventions, but lies and misrepresentation by politicians, Republican politicians, mean they are no longer here to attend. Think about it!


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