Gustav Reminds of Katrina

Washington, DC, Sep 1st, 2008 -- How do you tell the most unpopular President, and the most crooked VP ever that their presence at the Republican Convention will be a negative distraction, highlighting the many lies and failures that are the hallmarks of the Republican Administration. Simple you blame it all on the weather.

Bush, who was noticeably absent in Louisiana during the ravages of Hurricane Katrina suddenly found it essential to be seen visiting the front lines, and chatting to the media about how good things are now. The desire to be seen front and center was so great that it wasn't possible to fly hundreds of miles away from the storm, and sum up the last eight years of Republican ownership of the White House, and for most of the time the House and Senate as well.

Vice President Cheney of course was at an undisclosed secret location discussing energy and his wealth with undisclosed, secret individuals, and secret policy for the last months in power, which isn't a secret and can be the subject of rejoicing by billions of people around the world, Haliburton excluded. He had wanted to speak about the Weapons of Mass Destruction he knew were in Iraq, but advisers pointed out that Haliburton had controlled Iraq for the past 5 years and they don't have WMD's unless they were supplied from Israel's huge stockpile. As there was no profit in attending the Republican Convention he decided to concentrate instead on planning his future life in Dubai, away from extradition to answer questions about the War in Iraq.

Fortunately for Bush the Hurricane was well below what was expected and did not overload the levees. Had it been a Cat 3 instead of Cat 1 then New Orleans would have flooded again, still waiting for the promised repairs from 3 years ago. That would have brought back memories of the incompetent Bush, and his back slapping "Doing a Great Job" political buddy at FEMA. The media did not help the Bush image as they insisted on reporting from in front of destroyed businesses from three years ago, still in their dilapidated state. The money to repair them going instead to provide more armor to the Haliburton conveys in the oilfields of Iraq, instead of the oilfields of Louisiana.

The new Governor has to be applauded for pulling together the new level of evacuation and support for New Orleans following the departure of the Gov. Blanco who was around during Hurricane Katrina.

So New Orleans has been saved from the damage by Hurricane Gustav and the Republican Convention from the damage by Bush and Cheney. There is still time to invite them back to speak, but on a platform of "Change" their presence hardly bolsters the image of efficiency needed to face up to Obama/Biden. John McCain has enough surprises from Palin to want the verbal goofballs from Bush.

McCain could solve the problem by telling Bush that there are no Mountain Bike Trails near the convention site and he ought to go up to Alaska and ride around the pipeline trails and smell the leaking oil. For a mountain biking oilman with nothing to do but wait for instructions from Dick that would be a really cool thing to do. As there are already half of the media up there investigating Palin this could be a really good photo op.

Washington has been a very depressing place for the last eight years as one after the other abuse of power and fabricated lies unfolded as a done deal, with no discussion and a massive overuse of the word "Patriot". We have seen the Constitution discarded without a whimper from Congress, and torture casually given the nod to get the results the politicians want from prisoners. Now we see the mighty under scrutiny and looking like totally failed excuses for the blustering despots they once were. The question now is how soon, and at what cost will the economic chaos, foreign policy disasters, and military interventions be brought under control and the precious image of the United States, built up since the days of Ben Franklin be restored.

In that case maybe Hurricane Gustav has done us all a real favor by keeping the two worst politicians ever off the platform for change. Maybe Bush could lead a minute of silence for each of the young soldiers killed in his fraudulent war. That would be worth watching, and would bring home the seriousness of his actions. He could build one of his famous TV backdrops with refugees still waiting to go back to their homes in New Orleans after Katrina, and all the people imprisoned without trial and tortured to justify the NeoCon fraud. To top it all off Bush could join with the past Attorney General and show the audience that they don't mind being Waterboarded, because that isn't torture.

Either way there are millions who have just been reminded of the thousands of poor Black people from the Ninth Ward dehydrated and even dying from Heat Exhaustion at the New Orleans Convention Center as Bush and Blanco argued over who was to get credit for rescues and aid to New Orleans.

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