I Am Woman Give Me Votes!!

Washington, DC, Aug 30th, 2008 -- "I am diametrically opposed to Sen Hilary Clinton in almost everything I stand for, therefore I will get the 18,000,000 votes from the Democratic nomination race because I am a woman!"

That is the Fuzzy thinking that Palin and her crowd believe will happen because she is on the McCain ticket. So Men-hating are some of the political pundits that appear on CNN and the other Cable networks that they are stretching reality to Warp Speed to justify a really stupid choice.

There is absolutely no comparison between the power and experience of Clinton and the fluff and noise of Palin. Maybe in ten years or so if she moves on from Governor to Senator, and gets more stamps in her passport, besides the lonely Kuwait visit, to meet the Alaska National Guard, she may be ready to be support an old man in his last Hoorah!

She never held a passport till last year when she decided to visit the Alaska National Guard in Kuwait. One doubts if she even left the US Military facilities and saw anything of the real world. I thought Bill Clinton was pushing the envelope when he moved from Governor of Arkansas to Washington, DC, but even Arkansas is more diverse than Alaska, a sparsely populated State built on huge Oil revenues. Maybe Oil Rich Alaska doesn't need Federal money to build bridges, but the other States do.

The choice of Miss Congeniality because of being Mayor of a small town in the middle of the Wilderness is cute, but not conducive with being able to survive the ravages of Washington. Turning up for meetings of committees is admirable and a desire to take out anyone you do not like with Ethics charges is to be commended, unless it is yourself after one of those evil Men gave your sister a hard time. Hey she watched Mel Brooks play the Governor in Blazing Saddles so she knows that you don't mess with the sister of the Gov and still get a paycheck. Maybe there is no substance in the allegations, but if your new colleagues can claim Obama is a Muslim, swore allegiance to the Koran, attended a Madras and will not say the Oath of Allegiance, then you better make sure you are squeaky clean. I will not mention the fabricated Swiftboat lies put about by Texans to smear Kerry, but that's the same crowd of liars.

The biggest problem Palin has is that for a ultra conservative preaching family values, abstinence and the Christian way to bring up a family, she does not come across as a good role model. The rabid right now claim that such values are a private matter and outside of public scrutiny. When Democrats demonstrated less than perfect family values they were fair game. Sorry folks you can't have it both ways.

I must admit I have been waiting for John McCain to suddenly call out "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night Live!" because considering the serious state of the economy, foreign relations and the looming global conflicts there must be several hundred better qualified, and experienced women available to take the second slot on the ticket. Or maybe the NeoCons know something about McCain's health we don't and see Palin as an ideal inexperienced President they can manipulate, just as they did with George Bush. If I see Karl Rove and Dick Cheney slinking around Palin I will know the worst case scenario is in play.

In the meantime keep watching the best Soap Opera on TV.


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