Sarah Palin. Who??

Washington, DC, Aug 29th, 2008 -- I must admit I thought it was a sketch from "Saturday Night Live" when John McCain wheeled out Miss Wasilla, the very new Governor of Alaska to be a heartbeat away from being Commander in Chief of the US Military if elected. I supposed being a lifelong member of the NRA gives you credibility, and two terms as Mayor of a small remote town in the wilderness of Alaska, population 8,000 gives you the credentials to stare down Putin and Ahmadijan on the global stage.

This ultra conservative local Beauty Queen and life long NRA Member believes she can sway the 18,000,000 Hillary supporters who have diametrically opposite views to her. The squeaky voiced beehive hairdo "Hockey Mum" believes she can take on Sen Joe Biden in the debates on policy issues and understanding of the Foreign Relations of the United States. Maybe she will tell stories of diplomacy at the Parent Teachers meetings, or how best to kill a Moose, or even cook one for her favorite Moose Stew!

Then minutes after her debut as the fighter of corruption we hear she is under investigation herself for firing the Public Safety Director for not canning a State Trooper who was once married to her sister. Yep, in little town America payback for leaving Sis' can be a Bitch!

Whatever was John McCain thinking!

True she is obsessive about Right to Life, Guns and turning on your own party, but she is probably the worst, most inexperienced choice from the many suggested. She makes Sen. Obama's experience look like a lifetime.

Does she know where Washington is?

She turned down the money to build the Bridge to Nowhere, knowing that the project was all but cancelled anyway. That really is good training for finishing off the War with Iran that Bush will probably start before he leaves office.

I must be missing something here, please tell me I am missing something!

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