DemConv 2008 - Obama's Keynote

Washington, DC, Aug 28th, 2008 -- As the final day of the democratic Convention unfolded I began to get a little concerned that the highlight of the week, as shown on CNN was far too "Black" for the American voting public. It was not about the Democrats but about Martin Luther King. The visions of King were there, but so was Black Panthers, Black Power and negative pictures of violence. The Black Power race card was being over played. It looked very much as a minority telling the Whites that they were now in power instead of asking for their vote, and confidence. Of course no US TV network would dare say this, to be seen as Politically Correct, regardless of their true thoughts.

This could have been CNN, not noted for balanced news, who like the lowest common denominator of visual news. Every person interviewed was black. No Hispanics, no Chinese, no other minorities who benefited from Martin Luther King. Instead of showing diversity and how minorities can now aspire for the top, it became a long menu of memories of the Black Power struggle of the 1960's. It was also boring, very boring and slow.

Had USA shown "Burn Notice" at 10pm I would have probably watched that to get away from the boring speeches. Al Gore's rapid fire speed reading presentation sent me over the top, and had he stopped and demonstrated a "Locked Box" that would have been the end of watching the Convention.

As it was I came back to the Convention and watched if Obama could deliver, and show those little old ladies and elderly white gentlemen who were around in the 1960's that they are not handing over their cherished White House to a band of pot smoking angry Rastafarian's.

He delivered.

Obama gave one of the best presentations of any political convention. His delivery was superb, his content outstanding. He met the threats of McCain head on and both looked and sounded Presidential. The setting under the floodlights came across, and altogether the keynote speech was I believe a moment of history.

He did spell out in much more detail how he would achieve his goals, and on the surface these look good. Obama can pull off his agenda if he surrounds himself with others with experience and insight into the geopolitical world. If he surrounds himself with party faithful who march together in lockstep he will repeat the miserable failures of Boy Blunder Bush, who perfected "My Way or the Highway" in his Administration.

I do believe he will look towards the future, and not constantly live in the long distant past, reopening old wounds and perceptions. America needs to focus on the future and stop the precarious slide. His speech promised this, let's hope he will drive the perception of hope and prosperity to a positive result in the November elections. America needs it!

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