DemConv 2008 - Bill & Joe

Washington, DC, Aug 27th, 2008 -- The Wednesday program of the Democratic Party Convention finally started to gain a head of steam.

The speech by former President Bill Clinton was probably the best he has done since leaving office. He balanced his obvious disappointment that Hilary had missed the nomination, which many blame on his outspoken remarks, with the need to promote, and support Obama as the choice for President. On the whole a good speech.

The nomination acceptance, and speech by Joe Biden would have changed the political landscape if given months ago. It appealed to the mass of voters, and brought many delegates to tears. In fact Biden looked Presidential. What a great shame he didn't put the same fire into his own campaign.

I like Joe Biden and he will make a great Vice President if elected. He is one of the nicest politicians I have ever met.

The sad fact is that there isn't a lot to say about the three major speeches, yesterday and today that hasn't been repeated over and over again by the professional News Pundits on television. The voters either love or hate the speeches. There is little middle ground in this polarized election campaign.

Very little substance was discussed, or true issues, just one liners to zap the opponent.

What is sad is that considering the failing economy, the critical geopolitical scenarios unfolding around the world, and the plight of tens of millions of wage earners, the conference highlights can be dismissed in a few lines. What else can you say about the Convention that doesn't just waste Internet bandwidth.

Come on politicians give me some content to digest!

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