DemConv 2008 - Hillary

Washington, DC, August 26th, 2008 -- Finally Hillary Clinton has said goodbye to the race for the Democratic nomination and accepted reality, well somewhat.

The speech by Hillary was adequate for some, and better than expected for others. Her not being anointed as Supreme Being was not enough for some of her ardent supporters from the fringes of society. They cried and complained and acted more as if they were at a funeral than at a Party Convention. Hilary is still a very powerful woman, and can still provide leadership and guidance for the faithful. She just is too divisive and polarizing to be elected the Party's nomination for President. Is she a powerful speaker, yes. Is she a beacon for Women's and Lesbian causes, absolutely, and she will remain their champion.

So get over the Party nominating someone else and start having a backbone and standing up for what you claim you believe in, and stop threatening to vote for McCain as punishment to all those men who dared vote anything but Hillary.

So for the Delegate to stand on national television and wail like a spoiled child who missed the Ice Cream truck and say she will not carry out her duties as a Delegate, and refuse to support the democratically elected Democratic nomination is plain stupid. Maybe she should resign, go home and build a shrine in her back garden. They call it a political race for a reason. Some your Candidate wins, others they lose!

The Democratic Convention has started to slowly pick up steam, after a lack luster start. The speech by Hillary Clinton was probably better than the Obama team expected, and far less than her supporters demanded. For the losing contender she was given a surprising amount of conference resources by Obama. The video was more akin to a winner than a loser. The question of course is "Would she have done the same for Obama had she been the presumptive nominee?"

No way!!

But never the less a good speech that delivered what was needed, and probably one of the better speeches of her career.

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