Attacking Iran

Washington, DC, Aug 20th, 2008 -- There is a current of evil running through many offices in Washington, DC that the Bush Administration should go out on a bang, and leave the Democrats with a bloody mess on their hands. This chilling current runs alongside another that wants to stage a spectacular, even deadly event that will make the voters flock to the military candidate, John McCain. The damage to America has never been a consideration of Bush, Cheney nor the ultra right wing fanatics they have collected as advisors. Israel, and the ultra Zionists feature prominently in every scenario, as if the United States has become a colony, and supplied money, arms and troops to help create a Greater Israel power block.

One scenario prominently whispered is to effectively blockade Iran with every available Carrier Battle Group, and then stage a Gulf of Tonkin fake attack by Iranian Gunboats. The last rehearsal of this scenario was a dismal failure, and quickly was ripped apart by the world's news media. The next time will be for real.

The boarding and seizing of ships trading with Iran may prove a little less easy than Cheney thinks. The Chinese for instance get 19% of their Oil from Iran, and have already hinted of having Chinese warships escort their Oil Tankers.

The Russians are already moving their "military influence" towards the Iranian border, and one wonders if the US makes a unilateral move to an illegal blockade of Iran whether they will move towards Iran, occupying small former satellites on the way. Bush, hardly a strategy genius must see the map changing, and it being time to start negotiating, not ramping up the military rhetoric. Pakistan being such a volatile basket case presents a dimension that could engulf the US military from Pakistan to Lebanon, from Russia to Somalia. The Carrier Battle Groups moving into place are more vulnerable than at any time in the history of Naval warfare. Bush's Grand Armada could end up like the Grand Armada of King Philip of Spain in the days of Queen Elizabeth I.

The shallow congested seas, and modern weapons do not favor the mighty battle fleets, visible for anyone to see from spy satellites, unmanned drones, passing tanker traffic and thousands of small fishing and trading boats. Any one of these small boats can launch a Russian Torpedo, or Chinese Missile supplied to Iran. The mighty battle fleets were designed for World War II, the Pacific and another kind of warfare. True Israel can launch a nuclear barrage that will wipe out Iran..... then what?

Bush's incompetence has created the Iranian nuisance. He has elevated an unpopular politician to the status of a Dragon Slayer, the brave warrior who defied the Mighty Satan. Diplomacy can put Iran back on track, it is a win-win scenario for both sides.

The other option could be a domestic incident, fabricated and whipped up to hysterical proportions to influence the election. Consider the Anthrax scare, clearly the work of Al Qaeda, and those investigative journalists who uncovered the tracers that placed it clearly from CIA/Army stocks were ridiculed. They were right, it was US Government Anthrax. How convenient the key witness committed suicide.

How far will the ultra right wing Neo-Cons, or more correctly Neo-Fascists go to maintain their lucrative power, that is the question many would like to have the answer to, and many are afraid, very afraid.

There are those of course who believe an all out war is the only way to save the US Economy, and best get it over with from a position of strength. They point to the massive increase in juvenile crime, and the millions of dissatisfied youths itching for action. A bloody war cleans up the streets and brings a sense of national pride, and comradeship, for if you don't look after each other you die!

And for those who believe it would take years to train the military needed, take a look at the massive legions of military contractors, with training facilities quietly put in place over the past six years. The Draft could be introduced within weeks, and private training resources switched over to train new recruits ready for war. The framework is already in place.

Of course I could have been spending too much time with Conspiracy Theorists, but they do seem to have gotten it right again and again these last seven and a half years. January 2009 is a long, long time away. Start counting!


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