Hostage Grab or Political Theater

Washington, DC, Jul. 5th, 2008 -- Pardon me for being skeptical but it looks too much like "Wag the Dog" for my liking. The Republican Candidate just happens to be visiting the region where he is briefed by high ranking military leaders and watches as hostages are snatched using a poor "B Movie" script thus showing to voters that, like Ronald Reagan he can get hostages released. To participate in this Made for Television event the candidate left the important campaign trail at an important point, and although short of money, flies off to Colombia, to smell the Coffee.

Now the hostages who were held in quote "Terrible Conditions" looked like they had returned from Disney World, laughing joking and looking very healthy and happy for being brutally held in the remote jungle for up to 10 years.

Oh and the long planned hoax to fool the captors was sprung on July 4th.

Maybe I have been around Washington Politicians for too long but this smacks of Saddam Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction pointed at the USA, or the Iraqi soldiers beating Kuwait babies to death contrived by Bush 1 and the New York PR Agencies.

The US military had flown thousand of hours of intelligence sorties to locate the well hidden camps, and a couple of local soldiers then talked their way into the camps and persuaded the leaders to send them to a field and be picked up to be interrogated by their leader. Of course they obliged, and like the USAF sending nukes without the proper authority just sent them off without checking for verification. The smooth talking government agents got the guards to lay down their weapons and smile for the cameras. As I said "Made for Television".

The hostages are back, and despite John McCain's tour of the voters in Colombia the incident hasn't done anything for swinging the voters in the United States. Maybe they are wise to the fabrications of the Bush Administration at long last.

But then again there are few who questioned the CNN reports.

Wouldn't it be nice to believe the news media.


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