Fear of Stolen 2008 Elections

Washington, DC, Jan. 19th, 2008 -- It is amazing how many Americans believe the November elections for President will be suspended or a disaster, either by Bush/Cheney staging another 9/11 and grabbing power under the Draconian Laws they have quietly crafted over the past 8 years, Obama being assassinated or found unqualified to run, and for John McCain just plain reeling over and expiring from fatigue. Many firmly believe the election will be "Fixed"!

There are an awful lot who just don't trust Bush and Cheney, and the rabid religious right wing, guided by the well documented extreme Zionist we have seen dictate American policy. They believe these people will stop at nothing to hang onto the ultimate power they have stolen in the first place. The fact that Bush should never have been handed the election on a plate by Katherine Harris and the Supreme Court. You could argue that if Al Gore had any backbone he would not have folded his hand so quickly, and if John Kerry really wanted the job he would have stopped acting like a spoilt rich brat and knocked the stuffing out of L'il George. Well neither did stand up and fight, so the NeoFascists have made the blueprint they see themselves in power for a Thousand Years. Now if you think this is a bit dramatic look at the numbers, and the events again.

John McCain is starting to show his age, and many on camera events has had him bumbling and stumbling. Used to watching Bush the TV audience barely noticed, but broadcasters did. The choice of Vice President is seen as most important as the odds of McCain bowing out early must be high, considering the stress of the job, and the facts he will learn about his beloved predecessors when he takes office. The more he learns, the more he sees what will happen on his watch, and the more his wife wants him back home to benefit from a well funded retirement. McCain may live longer, and with a fraction of the stress, if he loses the election.

Barack Obama has so much misinformation, and disinformation being shoveled onto him by an unholy alliance of right wingers, fascists, evangelicals, zionists and Hilary supporters that he may be crushed and worn out by challenges from the same Republican lawyers and bottom feeding strategists that stole the 2000 election for Bush. This time though the supporters of the Democratic candidate will not stay quiet, and will likely take to the streets if their candidate is robbed of office. These are millions of young educated first time voters, and mirror the French Revolution in many ways, including them being at the wrong side of the earnings canyon. They see CEO's and employees of Wall Street, Oil Corporations, and Defense Contractors making obscene earnings, and around them they see families without healthcare, trying to pay for spiraling food bills to feed their families, fill their autos with gasoline, and hang on to their homes, as millions are kicked out by greedy rich Banks. Oops that's another bank charge for criticizing them. They want change.

Conspiracy Theorists point out that Bush/Cheney have fabricated a legislative framework for a Thousand Year Reich, and they believe they will stage an incident, probably in Houston, Texas. This will involve some undisclosed, or undetermined nuclear material that will send panic throughout the electorate. With over 1000 pieces of the nuclear arsenal missing, or misplaced this is no longer in the realm of fantasy. This scenario sounded far fetched at first but the more I look at the Air Force, and their claims for fighting in Cyberspace the more I realize Dr. Strangelove is alive and well and advising the USAF!

Congress on the other hand have shown themselves to be less than the watchdog the promised in 2006. In fact the Democratic Lion that fought the election turned out to be a little Yellow Canary.

In all the last 6 months of the Bush Administration provide the most finger biting opportunities since the height of the Cold War. We really are in uncharted waters and we really do not know when, how or where the stress cracks will fail. Let's hope it is not a long hot summer with multiple power failures, gasoline and food price hikes, and news reports that trigger unrest in the swelling numbers of disfranchised, homeless, dissatisfied and violent citizens, immigrants, and illegal immigrants.

I hope the November election goes off smoothly, and whoever wins fair and square will have a sunny Inauguration in January.

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