Checkmate Iran - Then What?

Washington, DC, Jun. 17th, 2008 -- The Israeli NeoFascists are again leading the Pentagon Brass to fighting another war to benefit Israel. Following the successes, then public humiliation of Wolfowitz, Pearle and Feith they now are pinning their hopes on Lani Kass the Israeli Army Major now advising the US AIr Force Cyber Command on their Secret Checkmate project. She has found a willing ear from a branch of the US military who believes they need to carpet bomb someone, somewhere and stop sitting on the sidelines and letting the Army and Marines get all the glory.

As the US economy tanks and the world reels from the price of Oil, Dr Lani Strangelove wants the US Air Force to destroy cyberspace and global electronic trading to punish Iran for saying nasty things about Israel, the worst offender at refusing to abide by UN resolutions, especially on disclosing Rogue Nuclear Weapons. Then to get the message home bomb the crap out of Iran and use up all those beautiful US bombs wasted in their storage bunkers.

Now I have no problem if the US was strong enough on the economic front to raising a million man army through the Draft and sweeping across the Middle East once and for all. Grab the oil fields and bring every country, including Israel into a new Federation.

Less than that will result in another Zionist Failure many times greater that the invasion of Iraq.

True the combined Air Forces of Israel and the US could deliver a Blitzkrieg on Iran. But then what?

Iran would certainly sabotage all the Oilfields, tankers and Refineries across the Middle East in retaliation. That would cripple China, Japan and India, precipitate unrest and riots across the Far East, and starve the US and the world of manufactured goods. Russia would again be a Superpower with most of the world's available oil and gas. Europe would be held hostage by Putin. Of course if the Israeli Army sent every man available to line up along the Iranian border to prevent retaliation against US military in Iraq then that would be a great help. But why should they risk their necks when they can get the Pentagon Hawks to do their dirty work.

It seems like the NeoFascists in Washington need a humiliating defeat to make them realize that their policies have cleaned out the Treasury and not produced the state of Heaven promised by Bush for the people of Iraq and the Middle East. The Air Force had a ten year campaign to deny Saddam Hussein use of the air, whilst bombing Command and Control Centers at will, which was conveniently forgotten in the propaganda of invading and occupying Iraq. Air campaigns alone never achieved anything lasting, and indiscriminate bombing, as in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan will only solidify the nation against the external threat. It did in WWII and will today. It will make the job of ground troops many times more difficult, and produce long term hatred at their occupation. It will also drain the resources of the occupation power as they will have to pay for rebuilding the infrastructure they destroyed.

Maybe it's time to merge the USAF into the Army, for they clearly have far too much time on their hands. What can they do for the million plus US families who will lose their homes in the months ahead? Or the millions who will be decimated as the price of food and fuel put them into poverty. Something is Rotten in the State of America!

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