Obama's Citizenship

Washington, DC, Jun. 7th, 2008 -- The fear that Obama may get elected and bring sense and reason to the world has some right wing zealots spinning. I have had a number of phone calls from around the Global Intelligence Community giving me "Heads Up" that Barack Hussein Obama is not qualified by birth to be President of the United States.

My answer is that his birth certificate, citizenship and eligibility would have been checked many times during his pathway through State and National political office.

The main source of these rumors, when plotted with the affiliation of the source shows as much about the hysteria, as it does the content. From the many that have links to Israel you would have thought that Obama was a leading member of Hezbollah, or Hamas. Why they are in fear of Obama I don't know.

One highly connected with British Intelligence offered to provide copies of his birth certificates, from Kenya. Karl Rove had sent a team of investigators over to Kenya to discredit Obama, and they found nothing. But considering the intelligence community are masters at forging official documents this offer was politely refused. In all my years covering GeoPolitics I have never seen so much panic to stop Obama in his tracks, and halt any thought of changing the corruption and devastation that the Bush version of US Foreign policy wreaks around the world. These people are desperate!

And that worries me.

Obama has come out of the swirling mists of obscurity, has never shone as a great future leader and for many seems too good to be true. I hope not for America needs a new "Vision Thing" and totally new direction if it is to avoid the Second Great Depression. Few voters, especially the young naive, brain washed voters who see everything through the Ra-Ra pink lenses of the American Education System. America is the Omnipotent, the Global Superpower. Just as Britain was once "The Empire on which the Sun Never Sets". It is still strong, but is on a downward slide that few know how to stop. Those in power are making such huge profits that their greed prevents them from putting the brakes on the Gravy Train. So what if millions lose their homes through housing fraud and speculation. Tough, tell them it's an "Ownership Society" and we must only get what we can afford. Coming from Bush, a failed businessman who was bailed out by Daddy and his friends on numerous occasions, is a bit much to stomach.

Saddam Hussein knew the Achilles Heel of America, and wanted to convert to PetroEuros instead of PetroDollars. He was attacked shortly after. The next Ally in the War on Terror, Iran had similar thoughts, and like Venezuela before them went onto the Bush Hit List.

Sadly it appears the world has seen through the curtain of the Wizard of Oz and now knows the vulnerability of The American Dream. They know if McCain blusters his way to continue the failed Bush policies, then they only have to changeover to PetroEuros and America will be unable to pay her bills. If China stops lending and decides that Iranian Oil is more valuable to them than upping the borrowing limit of Washington's Credit Card then we have some real hard times ahead.

Obama may not have the answers. But the perception is that a fair Captain has taken the helm and will discuss the downward spiral with anyone, and everyone. Continuing threatening everyone with brutal force has proved to be unproductive time and again for sustained relationships. It works for a short while until the threatened join together and find a way to retaliate.

Maybe it's time to delete the "Born in the USA" bit anyway. The past list of home grown Presidents hasn't been that hot, and I still believe Arnold Schwartzenegger would make the best President of modern times, on examining his track record of the Governor of California.

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