Cyber Riots

Washington, DC, May 24th, 2008 -- The events in Estonia last year when government computers, newspapers, private web sites and email was disrupted by a hacker, or hackers unknown for three weeks. One Dmitri Galushkevich a 20 year old Estonian student has been charged, found guilty and fined. He was upset at the moving of a statue the remembered fallen Soviet soldiers.

The wide web of disruption makes it unlikely that just one person was involved. But the arrests allows law enforcement and politicians to close the case. Why? Because they haven't a clue what to do with a widespread protest in Cyberspace. They have come to dread that the movie "Hackers" was a documentary, and that computer savvy teenagers could band together to face off with a larger, stronger adversary. No problem if the venue is Hollywood, and the bad guys are rouge businessmen. But if the rouge adversary is a government, a government agency, or a major corporation the public has decided needs putting out of business.

Under the Cheney/Bush Administration vast quantities of riot gear have been distributed to crush any public dissent. They believed that another Kent State demonstration must be quelled immediately, with brutal force.

Now there is another, more damaging civil disobedience avenue that has shown how effective it can be in Estonia. The nightmare scenario of thousands, if not millions of young citizens protesting online sends shivers down the spines of the politicians, who up till now believed they could suppress any dissent in the masses. What happens if those educated discontented masses, with computer skills, equipment and access join together and bring government, commerce and the investment community to a screeching halt. And worse still maintain the blockade for several days, even weeks.

Could not happen? Consider one plausible scenario, if Obama is "Forced" out of the Presidential race, either by the Clinton Crime syndicate, or the Bush Crime syndicate, in power and with control of the law enforcement community. The millions of Obama supporters are computer savvy, and if disgusted enough may precipitate a demonstration that will take the wind out of the government sails. The ageing leaders of Washington look towards Kent State, and believe they are ready, with Batons, Tear Gas, Tasers and a whole array of riot gear to subdue demonstrators.

But consider if the demonstrators stay at home, and quietly and collectively start their "Cyber Riot". Now you see and understand the panic to build a Cyber Defense against the Chinese, with Secret Presidential Orders, tens of billions of dollars allocated to NeoCon Defense Contractors and urgent measures taken to destroy the Internet in case of demonstration from within the USA. But to protect the guilty in Washington the entire Internet commerce network, and digital telephone service will be disrupted. The cost will be billions of dollars lost, and massive disruption of the National Economy. It will also provide the super wave to allow the organized crime syndicates to surf in and empty bank accounts and credit cards.

The policy of Cyber Security within commerce, banking, and industry needs to be decoupled from the US Government, and the US AIr Force. Corporations need to look towards their own Due Diligence, without having to rely on policies and plans that are crafted to benefit Israel. Cyber security needs to be under a civilian agency, whose loyalties lie with the protection of the people, and their ability to carry out their trade with each other.

It will not be long before the definitive Cyber Riot occurs, and the new generation of voters will find no problem in joining in a demonstration of their discontent, in a way they are very familiar with. Take my advice watch "Hackers" and put the bad guy's into a Washington, DC location you feel would fit. Hmmmm .............


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