Terrorism or The Great Energy Heist

Washington, DC, May 22nd, 2008 -- I don't want to sound like a Conspiracy Theorist and must admit I haven't a scrap of documentation to support the Hypothesis, but it appears to me that history may show that the past 8 years have been the biggest rip off of US assets by a small group of collaborators, and their secret supporters.

There was a major, well organized terrorism act on 9/11 where a handful of Saudi Arabian's destroyed the monuments to American Global Economic Power, the Twin Towers. I still find it hard to believe that bin Laden and his cronies could have planned, trained the pilots, and executed the whole incident without a lot of help from within the USA, and some significant from some government or other.

The knee jerk reaction to this event was planned years before, we do know that, and the hand picked Zionists Zealots in the Defense Department made sure we neutralized all threats to Israel in response to the attack on those Twin Towers. Since then we have focused on the Bush "War on Terror" and hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent, most on secret contracts, and highly classified projects to defeat the aforementioned "War on Terror".

The vast private army contracted by Cheney/Bush is bigger than the entire military of most countries, and way beyond the need to find probably the most recognizable cave dweller in the world.

So whilst the public has been watching the Magicians left hand the right hand has been building the retirement funds for the inner circle of the Bush Crime Family. The Energy Mafia who met with Tricky Dickie Cheney in those Top Secret energy task force meetings, are all reaping billions in windfall profits.

There may be coincidences but way back in 2002 there was talk from Cheney's advisors that the US public would tolerate up to around $4 a gallon before they complained, and before it would affect the US Economy. There was whispers that George and Dickie would deliver the windfall profits before, just before they left office.

The almighty dollar has been dumped into the toilet to screw those governments who funded the Bush invasion of Iraq, notably China, and reduce the burden we owed. The Chinese responded to this by increasing the prices of everything to the US consumer. Ten billion dollars have been given to the Wall Street speculators, just in time to stabilize the housing market before the November election. In all the select few have reaped HUGE, and the masses that Bush and Cheney despise have been screwed.

Now I begin to wonder who has benefited from Global Terrorism these past ten years. I must be missing something because I keep coming up with the same people who have benefited from the rampant energy crisis.

Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, and besides against the Kurds had no record of Terrorism. Iran was in the political backwaters, and only meddled in countries around it's own back yard. Afghanistan was bombed back into the Stone Age for allowing bin Laden, who was the darling of the anti-Soviet CIA policy in Afghanistan, to set up training camps. We forgot to tell the world that most of these camps were set up with US covert funding. Israel, who invented modern Terrorism against the British thought they would reap great rewards, and in reality have got a bloody nose. Not a good long term scenario. Some recent Israeli citizens have done very well as Russia has found untold wealth and has gone from a near bankrupt nation, to having so much cash they can't spend it fast enough. Same with Saudi Arabia, home of the 9/11 terrorists. But directly nobody has benefited more than the hawks around Cheney.

So the question is what have we achieved. Well whilst the compliant media were watching bin Laden videos, HGTV doing makeovers for decorating caves, and everyone complaining about Hamas, somehow the US Economy was hijacked, and the wealth of the American Middle Class was moved into offshore bank accounts, held by undisclosed Bush supporters. The Clinton's in the same period by the way, found their fortunes go from having to beg to pay their legal bills, to earning $109,000,000. Maybe Cheney was their advisor.

The US is bogged down in Iraq, probably for generations. Iran has far more visibility and importance it deserves, thanks to Bush's outbursts, and the public posturing of Israel. Declare how many nuclear weapons you have stockpiled and you can then scream at Iran for dreaming of developing nuclear energy. Yes you can peel off a few dozen Nukes and wipe out a big chunk of Iran tomorrow. But when the Chinese retaliate for losing 20% of their oil imports, and Russians too for that nuclear cloud polluting their crops, you may consider the human waves of pissed off Arabs and Persians overrunning your country.

So who has lost, and who has profited on the War on Terror, as articulated by Bush, Cheney and their extremist supporters.

Tell you what, you do the math. Makes a good exercise.

Now do the same with who is losing, and who is profiting from the Energy Crisis, on the watch of two Oilmen.

Interesting that they come out the same!!

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