Who's Screwing with Your Network

Washington, DC, May 20th, 2008 -- There are those who believe that the United States generates it's fair share of the Spam and malicious code that attack US computers and networks, with the Intelligence Community and their many Defense Contractors the main culprits. Others believe the Virus Vendors have their fingerprints all over many of the dangerous threats to computers, just to sell their products.

The Pentagon and Federal Agencies have a long reputation of experimenting with things they don't fully understand, just to see the results. The words Unintended Consequences are part of the Washington Insider's Vocabulary.

The message for corporate management is not that the Feds are the criminals, especially under Bush/Cheney, but that the enterprise has to treat all attacks as the same, and protect their network from every one, foreign or friendly fire. Using the Washington Chatter as a guideline corporations need to be even more vigilant before the present Administration leave their positions of power. They may, or may not be looting target industries using rogue assets, but the possibility of this should be factored into the cyber strategies of corporations who feel they could be in the cross hairs.

The sheer expanse of the US Intelligence machine, is bloated with layer upon layer of private contractors, contract employees and consultants, vendors and a rainbow of shades of vested interests in keeping the threat level high, and the public and Congress in a state of fear. Fear means contracts, product development and money, lot's of money.

It stands to reason that somewhere in that 250,000 or so workforce benefiting from the War on terror there are a small number of renegades, who value their earning power above their loyalty, and ethics. Once upon a time only government employees had access to the information and technology to cause mischief. It wasn't worth their time when their only income was from the State. Today you can be inside the most sensitive government databases one day, with tools reserved for Nation States, and running your own private consultancy the next. It becomes very tempting to help your own business get a good start with the help of the Taxpayers. It also isn't a stretch of imagination to use your resources to "Get Even".

Safeguards should be in place to prevent such incidents, but in the fog of war many will look the other way concentrating on more serious threats.

Regardless on who is the enemy, corporate executives must protect their enterprises and do Due Diligence to ensure their information is not compromised.


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