Clinton and "Obliterating Iran"

Washington, DC, May 6th, 2008 -- The recent stupid statement by Sen. Hillary Clinton that in event of Iran attacking Israel with Nuclear Weapons she would "Obliterate Iran". What a STUPID, STUPID statement! Clinton panders to New York Jews every day, but this total lack of reality takes the booby prize.

Firstly Iran has no nuclear weapons, israel has hundreds of illegal nuclear weapons.

Secondly there is no way China and Russia would allow Iran to strike, and in the event of Clinton ever getting near the nuclear button China, who would lose 20% of their oil and face economic disaster would retaliate and probable wipe the United States off the map. The biased media let her statement off lightly, considering the uproar over the retired Pastor at Obama's local Church.

Iran can bring the world to conflict, and wipe out Israel without launching a direct attack. If Clinton had even basic understanding of the potential conflicts in the cramped Oil rich corner of the Middle East she would stop pandering to AIPAC and join Obama in dialog with Iran, even just to show them the error of their ways. She should take note that it was the Arabs who bailed out Wall Street and the Big US Banks, not poor little Israel. It is China, who depends on Iranian Oil, that carries the huge US Debt, and produces virtually everything the US consumes.

Clinton needs to start reading the Asymmetric Warfare Doctrines of the Chinese and realize the world has changed since Bill launched his multi million dollar Tomahawk strike to kill Bin Laden, and actually killed a Billy Goat. I would suggest a hail of intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with nuclear warheads about to impact on the borders of Russia will result in retaliation, just in case some are destined to continue further into Russia. Considering the Clinton's are considered world class liars, I doubt if Russia will take her assurances that she is just "Wiping a Big Chunk of the World's Oil Production Off the Map" for giggles with the girls. The nuclear fall out falling over Russia and Europe of course is way beyond her mental comprehension, as the only thing that matters is pandering to AIPAC.

When, oh when will Washington realize the days of Imperial Power is gone, and it pays to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. The questions are "Who are America's Friends?", and those who hold the purse strings and come to bail us out of financial ruin, time and time again, "Are They Our Enemies?"


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