Bush -v- Global Climate Change & Energy

Washington, DC, Apr 24th, 2008 -- The Energy and Global Climate Change debate in Congress and the Bush Administration has been seven years that could have been scripted by Gilbert and Sullivan. Reality had no place in either Bush 1 ir Bush 2's "Vision Thing" when it came to the obvious trends and consequences. Bush 1 dismissed it all as "Voodoo Science" and junior just followed Cheney and carved out a plan to get their Oil buddies a huge windfall, and make their inner circle really, really wealthy.

We should have known when Cheney refused to name members of the Top Secret Energy Task Force to Congress or the media, or say anything bad about ENRON. The names and the agenda are cloaked in absolute secrecy, but did contain many now serving time, indicted, or under investigation. That they used ENRON jets to campaign should have been an indicator. Like all Washington politics there were leaks.

The leaks were that the US Economy could handle $4 a gallon for Regular, without people getting off their fat asses and doing anything about it. That seemed a long way from $1 a gallon way back when the figure was leaked, but true to form Cheney and Bush have delivered the $4 a gallon as promised.

When it comes to Global Climate Change the long fingers of Cheney/Bush are over everything. Talking "Off the Record" to many scientists they fume about having their reports censored by political zealots from the Karl Rove world, manipulating figures to suit the statements of their leaders. Science or Factual Intelligence play no part in the political dogma of Bush/Cheney and are a constantly variable politically based propaganda tool to substantiate their chosen policies. If there were 1000 reports from eminent scientists that the Polar Ice Cap was melting, and one from the likes of Doug Feith that it's getting colder, the Pentagon would issue a contract worth hundreds of million dollars to the chosen Defense Contractor to show these scientists were terrorists. If they can fabricate Intelligence to find a reason to invade a country for it's Oil and to send a message to it's neighbors to stop saying bad things about Israel, just think what they can do to something as simple as manipulating energy costs. What the US public hasn't yet realized is that the War or Terror includes them, for the Bush Administration is terrified that the scams, misappropriation of funds, and downright lies will be uncovered before they leave office.

On the energy front there is little independent verification of the billions of dollars of taxpayers money being spent. Over five years ago I cautioned on using Corn for making Ethanol, but with the mega lobbying corporations pushing for more and more subsidies nobody listened. Now we have food shortages and suddenly it makes sense tracking energy and the global food chain as well as searching for bin Laden.

The Oil industry has produced some innovative TV Commercials meant to make the public believe that they have their interests at heart, and some have created Blogs and posting boards to vent, with absolutely no chance of influencing the plans of Big Oil.

The fact is that until Bush is a fading memory in Washington DC the debate on global energy change, and effective energy policy will be biased, regulated and a complete waste of time. America will suffer for the world has moved ahead in leaps and bounds. Instead of leading the world in alternative energy, and more important energy conservation, life just goes on as usual. The unsustainable Consumer Society of the past is coming to an end. The American Dream has been spectacular but it's time to wake up and smell the pollution and see the Urban Sprawl.


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