Political Change in Washington, DC

Washington, DC, Apr 14th, 2008 -- The number of times Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton use the word "Change" is anyone's guess, but it has begun to become an obsession. The track record of Senator Clinton would lead one to believe that the current path that netted her and her husband $109 million from when they were about to leave office, and were begging for donations to help them pay legal fees, would be preferable to change. In fact during the 8 years they were in the White House little or nothing changed. Maybe they will paint the White House pink, and declare it a much more friendly place.

Senator Obama wants change, and with no constituency in the government structure he will face the opposition of both the entrenched Republican and Democrat factions determined to maintain their Status Quo, and not mess with the Federal Golden Goose.

The huge military-industrial complex will continue sucking the lifeblood out of the economy, finding new conflicts, and now it controls the majority of intelligence gathering and analysis it will be able to find terrorists hiding under every stone, anywhere in the world that does not buy their products at grossly inflated prices. That will not change.

The lobbyist will not change either, for too many in Congress will become multi-millionaires thanks to pay backs for favors rendered. Some would say that is how you get $109 million in the bank in 7 years after leaving office.

Sen. Obama is a very smart man, and realizes that change has to come before the fall of the mighty. He sees a mirror image of life as Superpower Britain being played out as Superpower America, but in fast forward. The same arrogance of the military power on which the "Sun Never Sets" which was bailed out of bankruptcy by Arab money.

There are a lot of changes that can be made with the Bush foreign diplomacy. What foreign diplomacy you may say? The days of Rice and Hughes ramming down the throats of world leaders the demands of their Commander in Chief to pay for his military escapades. They didn't and quietly destroyed the US Dollar, as well as attracting the best research and development brains, and production expertise from the US to their own back yards. It's a little late to change the flow of technology and brainpower to China and India. There is not a lot of valuable intellectual real estate left that hasn't been relocated to the lands of the next generation Superpowers. The politicians were well paid to assist in the transactions, and many now live in multi-million dollar mansions thanks to their efforts in crippling US industry.

But the changes in US global diplomacy will fail, because in the Top Secret/Compartmentalized world of Washington, DC the contracts to implement change will go to the same defense contractors that caused the problems in the first place. The Pentagon will continue to shovel half a billion dollars into misinformation and bribing journalists and thought leaders, to cover it's own failures and inadequacies. The Department of State will request a paltry pot of money, and come up with some half baked bureaucratic scheme, so as not to offend DoD, or upset the career path of employees.

In all the brave new land of Milk and Honey will fade shortly after the election. In the real world the price of Milk will skyrocket because of Bush's Ethanol from Corn policy, and the price of Honey will rise as the Bush's inability to monitor insecticide safety will kill off the humble bees.

The jobs will not come back with change in Washington, DC. The electorate have swallowed the political propaganda from the right for so long, focusing on Gay Marriages, Late Term Abortion and Flag Burning that the Chinese have a quantum leap in running factories, with well trained eager workers. If President Obama announced that 100,000 new factories were to be built with Federal Grants, the project would stall in Congress through bitter fighting to grab the money, and by Unions who would demand that their membership had to be represented at all levels. The States and Cities would sabotage the plan with their own brand of corruption. Try opening a large factory in Philadelphia, Chicago or New York without bribes, and Union payoffs.

There is of course another aspect to the demand for change in Washington, and that is the growing surge of young activists and voters, who see their lives being mortgaged to pay for ideological extremism. They are pro-Obama, and if the Clintons call in chips, and steal the nomination, to lose to Sen. McCain, then you will see a backlash that many believe will amount to a period of aggressive street violence. No jobs, no money, no hope, with friends being killed or injured in a hopeless invasion and occupation of a distant land, their parents losing their jobs, health benefits and houses for greedy financial robber barons of Wall Street.

If the Obama Army comes marching into Washington the resistance will be widespread, and the battle angry and loud in the corridors of power. If the Clinton Army comes back to Washington, where many have remained awaiting the return of their Generals, the resistance will be in the streets of America, and the battle may be bloody. If the McCain train comes home to Washington, then he will continue with the Bush Army and the escalation of violence will be worldwide, as well as across the betrayed youth of America.

There will be political change in Washington, one way or another. It may not be the type the politicians are selling.




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