Political Intelligence - The Fear

Washington, DC, Mar 28th, 2008 -- There is a real fear amongst politicians about effective political intelligence from the private sector. It is one too many mechanism for oversight of their sleight of hand projects, manipulation of facts, and downright lies which flow out of Washington as wide as the mighty Amazon River.

If neutral corporations had the ability and infrastructure to apply intelligence analysis techniques to the daily business of Washington, DC it would soon notice massive discrepancies in many areas. These areas are how politicians can come to Washington poor, and retire multi-millionaires. The lucrative cash cows have to be kept out of sight of prying eyes, and off any computer analysis program.

Intelligence is essential for those in power, but they must seek to keep it out of the hands of those who dare to challenge them. Take for instance the massive lies and campaign of misinformation and disinformation surrounding the fabrications of WMD's in Iraq, and the claims of phony meetings with terrorists and African leaders bearing Yellowcake Ore. They were figments of the imagination of Karl Rove's Ministry of Propaganda, as were many other statements that misled thousands of young brave volunteers to their deaths. That's how serious it is!

But for every sensational revelation there are a thousand mundane reports on rule changes, and definitions from boring committees. The majority of Political Intelligence today is what old fashioned news reporting was in bygone years, when reporters were experts in their "Beat" and had a lifetime of experience and knowledge. Today's reporters covering Washington are just handlers of prepared press releases from political PR vendors designed to get the party line into print, on the air, or online as quickly as possible. If fact many have just become data entry clerks in remote offices away from Washington. The PR staffers can send their talking points, statements and background papers anywhere in the world, at any time. No one can ask questions in an email broadcast.

The fear then is that there will develop an independent monitoring and analyzing resource that can operate outside of the contrived relationship between the politicians publicity office and the Washington political media. Neither want competition, nor anyone second guessing the situation in Congress, the Administration or other political organizations.

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