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2008 Inner City Riots - The Real Fear

Washington, DC March 26th, 2008 -- The metrics are coming together for civil unrest in America's Inner Cities during the hot summer days of 2008. No single factor, No OJ Simpson trial, Rodney King edited tape, just the same converging factors that precipitate Revolts, even Revolutions.

The bottom strata's of American society are being squeezed beyond breaking point. Faced with losing jobs, no medical insurance, higher food prices, homes being foreclosed and a massive wave of illegal immigrants taking the temporary and construction jobs they are getting mad and restless. On television a daily diet of murder, mayhem, and incessant Law and Order repeats, with the rest about rich, pampered white kids strutting around Hollywood Clubs.

The Middle Class see their jobs being cut, together with sweat shop conditions in many industries such as call centers. At the top the CEO's are kicked out of failing industries with hundred million dollar Golden Parachutes. Corrupt financial companies are bailed out with taxpayer money, and Grinning George tells the masses to only borrow what they can pay back.

The dollar is weak, with little hope of recovery in the short term, the home foreclosure rate will increase throughout the summer. Iraq is poised to turn sour, and Afghanistan could explode at any time. The result is that the military and Cheney will demand an even greater financial burden for expanding operations in Iraq and even less will be available to soften the domestic crisis.

Fact is Cheney doesn't care, his statement recently of "So" being spot on. George has been bailed out by his Mummy and Daddy every time he screwed up and has never experienced hardship. That is for the simple people. Like Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans the plight of the poor is not a feature of their agenda. But the forces of chaos are building, and there does not seem to be the will, or the means to stop them.

The result of all these converging forces is that the Inner Cities will reach boiling point in mid 2008, and if Clinton steals the Democratic Nomination from Obama, even though he won the popular vote, then you have the conditions for violence. Attacking the theatrical pastor of Obama was a foolhardy tactic from Clinton, and struck at the inner core of poor Black communities, where the Church is the only shaft of sunlight and hope in the lives of millions. She is promising a whole new tomorrow, yet is firmly anchored in the old corrupt past. Obama, for all his flaws offers a ray of light in an otherwise darkening world.

The millionaires in Congress will make speeches, but do nothing less it upsets reelection chances, or contributions from PAC's and lobbyists. These Congressmen have the best medical coverage for life, a huge padded bank account, and investment portfolio from contributions, and a ticket to a life of luxury. The rest can go and eat Cake.

Most jobs demand a college degree, even an MBA to do the simplest of tasks. In many industries a Top Secret, or Secret clearance is required in case you overhear that the US Military is at war with everybody in the world, one way or another. Tens of Billions are being spent on totally useless projects from the handful of Defense Contractors.

Bin Laden sits quietly in his luxury "Cave", making videotapes, and the US spends tens of billions on spying on citizens in case they send him a birthday card. Of course if they dissent about their plight the same intelligence network will profile them and add them to the list of likely trouble makers. The Bush Administration learned that from the East German STASI.

All indications are that Gasoline will reach $4 a gallon by summer, food prices will hit the roof, much in response to Bush/Cheney pushing Corn based Ethanol, where farmers make many times more by selling their corn to make Ethanol to fuel gas guzzling SUV's and Detroit Monsters than feeding people and farm animals. The planting of Corn in preference to Barley will send up Beer prices, and the acreage that used to be vegetables will send up vegetable prices at the Supermarket. The Bank Controlled Credit Score system will prevent millions from getting vehicles, furniture, or the ability to rent an apartment. Wall Street Brokers will still make multi million dollar bonuses, and the Pharmaceutical industry will still charge exorbitant prices for medications, in part to support their obscene marketing strategy.

Even is Bush and his Zionist friends pull some terrorist attack out of the bag it will not solve the problem.

It's going to be a long tense Summer.


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