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Political Intelligence Overload

Washington, DC Mar 23rd, 2008 -- Many people have emailed pointing out that there has only been three postings in January, and nothing since then.

The problem is that there is so much instability in Washington, DC that the amount of political trickle has become a Tsunami of conflicting information. There just isn't time to write for the Internet, as industries and major international corporations are staring disaster in the face. What infuriates me is that their Intelligence people, highly trained PhD's and MBA's are unwilling to face reality and accept that the toilet has been flushed and we are rapidly going down the drain. The conflict is that many indicators show a booming economy, with no problems and vast amounts of money to be made buying up failed enterprises. They believe the hype dished out by the failed Bush Administration trying to hold on to any crumb of credibility before next January.

This month we have had to prune our databases, and focus on Political and Energy Intelligence, the other sectors were unwilling to pay for information, and didn't want to hear anything negative about the world.

The stakes in Washington politics are at an all time high, with many more hidden agendas in play than ever. Secret alliances are being made to hide past crimes and horrendously stupid decisions. The desire to sanitize, burn and obliterate history is so powerful that the sale of shredding machines, and Reichstag fires in the Old Executive Building will make Hollywood rich in future decades.

The losers in all of this are the people, but they voted Bush back into office and should suffer, and industry and commerce, who have been too blind to see what has been going on under their noses. The economic indicators have been around for months, some for years, and the lame excuses, coupled with patriotic flag waving have masked reality.

Last week I95, the main Eastern US road was closed because a crumbling support pillar finally cracked and slipped. This was major news, and the unforeseen inconvenience to traffic and commerce filled the news channels. We were warned that this would happen one day a decade ago, during a briefing in Washington by the then Mayor Ed Rendell. The critical infrastructure is failing.

This is the problem with the United States. The huge wealth is being squandered on global military expeditions that bring no benefit to the country, except to the Military Industrial Complex. And of course Haliburton and Bush's Oil friends. In the months ahead, as millions lose their homes and jobs, pay $4 and above for a gallon of Gasoline, they will want to blame someone for not telling them what was going on in Washington. Fact is the blueprint for the past 8 years has been around since 1991, and nothing that has materialized comes as a surprise to us inside the Beltway.

This is not said to appear smug and conceited. It is said in frustration that these billion dollar companies refused to listen to the many indicators. Why should the CEO's listen to us? They get millions of dollars of annual bonuses, golden handshakes and retirement packages regardless of them failing or succeeding.

There is undisputable evidence that the corporate media giants ensure the real political intelligence is kept hidden from the masses, and the intelligence given to executives does not raise red flags. The last thing Washington politicians need is the numbers of $1000 a plate fundraiser's to dry up for fear of a bad economy. Just keep on spending and make us even more richer.

There is an overload of political intelligence coming out of DC these days, and much is manufactured to keep the Wizard of Oz safe behind his curtain, until the organ stops playing and he can escape to safety out of the back door.


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