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Deaf and Sneaky!

Washington, DC Mar 22nd, 2008 -- I often get advise that I should be more "Nice" to the policies and capabilities of Bush/Cheney, maybe praise them for the Surge or point out the great successes of a booming economy thanks to their foresight.

Then by chance I watched L'il Bush on the Comedy Channel and realized that I had been right all the time, the Bush crowd are both deaf and sneaky! When Cheney this week was asked about the majority of people in the United States wanting the Administration to get out of Iraq he replied......So!

He said that he does not take notice of opinion polls, or for that matter the voice of the people. What he considers are his agenda, and the needs of Haliburton, and his cohorts.

The tens of billions of dollars pumped into the rich banks and corporations, contrasting to moving the goalposts to make declaring bankruptcy by ordinary workers harder, to make fleecing the American public easier, and to waste more money on spying on political adversaries who question the Administration could be used for a better quality of life for the Middle Class.

Throughout history politicians have made the same errors as Bush/Cheney and the social consequences have been dire. The US economy can be very resilient, and as long as confidence abounds the creative ability of the US workforce can be relied upon to save the day. But then again, what happens if the US workforce has been outsourced to China and India, and the nation is bogged down in a debilitating war with no end in sight. We will see.

My fear with Hillary Clinton is that she is just as deaf and sneaky as Bush, her time in the White House did not give anyone confidence in her ability for change. She led some really sneaky episodes to get her friends Plum jobs, and the "Borrowing" hundreds of highly sensitive FBI files to get dirt on her enemies and political adversaries must be brought out into the open in the debate for Democratic Nomination. John McCain is less like Bush than Hillary when it comes to truth and honesty.

The American people will be led by the nose to vote for some soundbite or other, and the real issues will once again be pushed aside as the glare of the spotlight will suddenly be focused on Flag Burning, Late Term Abortion or Gay Marriage. Anything to take attention away from the real issues.

But time is running out for these games. The population is aging, and can no longer work two jobs to get out of debt. The second jobs are no longer there anyway, taken by the flood of immigrants desperate to work for anyone, at any wage. In Europe the small businesses are helped by the State, in America the lobbyists ensure all power and help goes to Big Business. They grab the investment, lay off the workers, and move production to China. Every job lost is a little more resilience taken out of the system.

Something really creative has to be done before the Elastic Band driving the economic engine snaps. The first move is for Government to stop being Deaf and Sneaky.



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