"Screaming" Hillary

Washington, DC Feb 15th, 2008 -- Senator Hillary Clinton needs to remember that screaming into a microphone cost Howard Dean his run for the nomination last time. She is infuriated at being challenged for the Democratic nomination, and to ensure the stupid voters realize who she is, she has started screaming at them.

Voters do not like being screamed at!

The other thing audiences do not really like is putting on fake accents to try and convey the appearance of being a local girl doing good. Listen to the tapes of Sen. Clinton from Texas and the southern States and you hear fake put on accents as bad as Dick van Dyke's Cockney Sweep in Mary Poppins. Obama keeps the same smooth voice, without screaming like a frustrated Fish Wife.

The marathon election has a long way to go before the decision day. Please let's stop these circus like antics in a desperate attempt to win. I know the Clinton's do not take losing or rejection well, and have been shown to be very mean and vindictive when challenged. This election more than any other needs a whole new kind of leader, and not a politician that trips around like a frustrated Chameleon changing color and hue at every stop.

America deserves better!


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