The Clinton Circus

Washington, DC Jan 24rd, 2008 -- I was watching Bill Clinton's pitch as candidate for the 2008 Democratic Nomination.

Oops, sorry, the candidate is Hilary Clinton.

It is isn't it?

None of us are sure these days. Now Chelsea is pitching, selling her mother, and refusing to answer questions from reporters on what she says. It's a circus and Andrew Lloyd Webber should write a musical called Hilary!

I was always under the illusion too that former Presidents did not prostitute themselves in subsequent election campaigns, nor lower their moral capital and lie and slander others seeking high office. Well as the one who let the Lincoln Bedroom to the highest bidder, Bill feels he can just do what he wants. Seeing the disgraceful antics and statements coming out of the Clinton Circus makes you want to vomit. And it is only January!

The Washington Insiders know that Hilary will do anything, be anything, destroy anyone, and say anything to win. She really is Bush Lite when it comes to dirty tricks. Her track record in the White House does not bode well with an open honest Administration free of corruption. After Bush we need a fresh breeze blowing clean air down Pennsylvania Avenue, not just a slightly different foul odor.

Obama may be inexperienced himself. So were the majority of holders of the office. He has the ability to choose smart, experienced, and qualified advisers, which would be a concept not seen since Reagan.

So come on Hilary, be nice. Play fair, and do not alienate the people who can elect you. Your lies are only appealing to former KKK members in the deep south. Let's hear what you can do to heal the bloody mess left by Bush/Cheney.

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