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Burning the Evidence

Washington, DC Dec 19th, 2007 ---- The low esteem and credibility of Vice President Cheney was clearly demonstrated today when following an electrical fire in his Eisenhower Building offices the joke was that he was burning files, and destroying evidence.

But when you consider his track record over the years the electrical fault was probably the shredding machines overloading. Fortunately after Ollie North the security staff know how to handle large piles of easily combustible paper shreddings. Maybe the addition of shredded videotape could have added to the risk.

All "Tongue in Cheek" but such is the massive distrust of this administration, especially Cheney, many had to be told that nobody was serious about his burning of files getting out of hand.

But when you look at the massive amount of emails, files, logs and videotapes destroyed under Bush, you wonder why all the fuss when Nixon "lost" a few minutes of audio tapes. This crew would have lost the entire tape, the tape recorder and the memories of all their faithful followers. Bush would have immediate pardoned everyone, claiming actions such as Watergate covered by Executive Privilege and all required for his "War on Terror".

Of course the American public have been conditioned since Nixon, to ignore the illegal activities inside the White House, unless of course it involves Blue Dresses and normal sexual attraction. Deviant sexual activities are of course pardoned, details which will eventually be revealed if the "DC Madam" gets a fair hearing. Don't hold your breath!

The next 12 months could prove to be the most crucial in the history of the United States, as there is in power a team who fear no one, fear or respect no oversight, and believe they have the word of God guiding them.

These will be interesting days.


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