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"Just a Goddamn Piece of Paper" 2 Years On

Washington, DC Dec 14th, 2007 -- Two years ago today I commented on the statement that Bush had made in one of his many, but hardly reported, outbursts. Nothing before, or since has caused so much anger, and demands for it to be removed. The extreme right wing ridicule anyone who reported that outburst, and slur the messenger.

"Consider the source", "Were they in the room?" , "Bleeding Heart Liberal" are some of the many. Why such vitriolic outbursts from the far fascist right? Simple, it shows intent and thinking of their beloved leader and his values and beliefs. These rabid right wingers are the first to run behind the Constitution when it comes to ownership of firearms, but consider the Constitution superfluous when it is quoted by the liberals.

The Washington media elite, and the politicians know Bush uttered those words, probably in just another fit of rage, and not as a carefully thought out policy statement. But that is no reason why the weak willed Democrats chose to pretend Bush has more respect for a Dictatorship than he does a Democracy. Looking back on the uttering's of Pelosi et. al. one could be forgiven in believing that they are the left-centrist arm of the Presidents own party, whatever that is. If they were told to salute him with "Hail Bush" they would compete with each other to give the loudest, and smartest salute. In simple terms they can hardly be seen as anything but a weak flavorless opposition. Anything that Bush says is let slide by with hardly a whimper.

Since that statement was reported back in 2005 there has been time and time again when the White House team have shown their contempt of Constitutional Rights of people who disagree with their way of establishing a New World Order, based on PetroDollars. Their interpretation of the Constitution, and Executive Privilege will be reversed once they lose power, for if the Democrats were the same abuse of interpretation of the Constitution demanded by Bush/Cheney the right wingers would be screaming "Foul". It is blatant one sided abuse. No wonder Bush/Cheney is compared by many to the Third Reich.

But one could ask "Who's fault is this?" The Bush/Cheney Circus, or the Pelosi/Reid Circus for keeping quiet. The compliant media willingly go along with the charade, for fear of being thrown out into the cold by the White House Press Office, and their distribution of patronage, otherwise known as Press Credentials. No wonder there is a massive movement to the Web for political news.

We are 12 months away from knowing how dramatic the change of the American political landscape will become in January 2009, and be guessing how many of the criminally guilty will be pardoned by Bush in the fading minutes of his Presidency. Suddenly "That Goddamn Piece of Paper" will become the shield and sword of the Bush operatives, as they run for cover in the Conservative Think Tanks and plum private industry jobs. That "Goddamn Piece of Paper" will be dragged out for the 5th Amendment, essential when the investigations into massive corruption start filling Prime Time TV. All the things the Bushies despised over the past 7 years will become the "Cornerstone of American Freedom" when the spotlight is turned on them. That is of course if the Democrats act as political leaders and not apologies for a failed political ideology.

There is of course the possibility that if Hilary is elected she may embrace the erosion of Constitutional Rights, and explosion of Executive Power and rule her Kingdom like Queen Bodicea, slaying all Republicans that have challenged, or irritated her in her exile from the White House. Then the Rush Limbaugh's will put down their pills and suddenly find the things they embraced under Bush are reprehensible under a Democrat. A whole surge in born-again right winger's will rise to champion free speech, right to bear arms, right to open government, and no secret contracts to friends and business associates.

One thing I do know, the Bushies will regret not apologizing for that comment back in 2005, for they have created a blueprint for future extreme Presidents, left and right. The Bushy Bloggers will need to rethink their vitriolic attacks on anyone who dares to report the many volumes of Bushisms, for when they are shortly to be on the other side of the Administration, and they will be ridiculed for reporting facts. The question is "They can dish it out, can they take it!"

Fortunately there will always be a Britney Spears to take the attention of mainstream media off things that matter.


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