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The Missing WMD's

Washington, DC Dec. 4th, 2007 ---- To use the words of Laurel and Hardy, "You've done it again Ollie!" except this time it's another catalog of lies, misleading and fraudulent statements over the threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction. First Iraq, now Iran.

The American public will of course shrug off the incident, being more interested in Football and Britney Spears. George Bush will bluster, blame everyone else, and focus on something entirely irrelevant, as if threatening World War III and nuclear holocaust was no big deal.

The totally useless Democratic leadership will show their yellow streak and look the other way, less they have to use the "I" word and have to actually show political leadership.

The rest of the world will nod to each other, and reinforce their opinion that you just can't trust an American, or an Israeli. The credibility of the United States must now be irreparable, without massive sacrifices and paying billions in bribes, sorry overseas aid. If George Bush was an honorable man, which he isn't, he would apologize to the American people, which he won't, then make peace with Iran, which Dick Cheney won't allow him to. This surely must be the most disgusting failure of a President in the history of this great country!

The fact that Bush and Cheney have known this information for over a year, and continued their threatening rhetoric is the most damming indictment of lies and negligence in carrying out the duties of the office. Most in the intelligence media knew of the content well before that, and the blatant misleading lies by White House spokeswoman Dana Perino that media reports pointing to no WMD programs were speculation to sell books should result in her resignation. She won't for that would show honor and respect for the American people.

This is a dark day for the credibility of the United States, and unfortunately the Bush Administration will weather this, as they did their lies which caused the death and destruction in Iraq. Cheney Oil now control the oilfields, and the Bush Saudis have US protection for their Medieval Regime. The only losers are the people of the United States.

The Congress needs to appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into what Bush/Cheney knew and when they knew it. It may be the case that Bush didn't know till the week before his announcement, and that Cheney knew, but didn't tell him. They won't and we will see what lies are pulled out of the hat before the Bush circus leaves office, and Bush pardons all the NeoCons for their war crimes.

What have we become?


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