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The Annapolis Conference Fiasco

Washington, DC Nov. 27th, 2007 ---- In what can best be described as a "Made for Television" video and photo opportunity the worst, ill conceived demonstration of Bush Arrogance is underway at the Naval Academy, in Annapolis, Maryland.

Not that I have any time for the rantings of Iranian leaders, they are more of a democracy than the likes of Saudi Arabia, and didn't supply the 9/11 high jackers either. Bush, probably the worst American President of all time, and a rank amateur in Diplomacy, showed his incompetence in keeping Iran out of the conference line up. Ignore them, ridicule them at the conference, but don't give them a global audience hanging on their every extremist word by excluding them from the meaningless conference.

Window dressing to present Bush with an excuse to add the conference to his "Legacy", which fools nobody. He will go down in history as a failure. So will his Secretary of State.

There must be some inbred stupidity in the organizers of this conference who chose the US Naval Academy, a fine historical seat of training for the US Military. It is a monument to 200 years of US Naval power, and hardly the ideal setting for such a complex, corrupt and mismanaged issue as Peace in the Middle East. The great Admirals of the past must be turning in their graves.

The best place to hold the conference would have been on neutral grounds, such as Geneva, and have had an earlier session with lower officials, including Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran. But that would have not been a photo op for the Bush Legacy, or allowed Rice to blabber to her captive audience.

But there is an even more worrying outcome, and that is the chance that Bush will be drawn into getting between the anti-Israel rhetoric of Iran, and the demands of Israel to bomb the Iranians into the Stone Age. If the conference appears to the TV pollsters that it is not an overwhelming success, the skilled maneuvering of Israel and Iran could prove devastating to the Americans fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan in an earlier Bush's Folly. If Bush promises to come to the aid of Israel if attacked by Iran, and that occurs as retaliation for an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, then we have World War III. Iran does not need nuclear weapons, it has the Strait of Hormuz, and that strip of waterway is worth hundreds of nuclear bombs that can't be used.

Drag the players together in a neutral country, include all the players, regardless of you liking them or not, and hammer out a workable framework for success.

Finally keep the TV cameras out until the end!


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